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I already heard the theory about introvert's battery recharging when alone, and extrovert's battery recharging when interacting with others.
It's more a theory than reality. I am clearly an introvert myself, and I spend a lot of time alone. However, I sometimes feel a burst of energy when in contact with others, it doesn't drain my "battery" at all.


[quote, Audrey Hepburn]
I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.

An extrovert recharges by being around other people. They feed off the energy of others, and use it to remind themselves that they can reach that level too. Their social batteries are charged by other people. Being alone can actually drain their batteries and make them listless and unmotivated.

An introvert, by contrast, recharges by being alone. Being around others saps their social battery, and they need quiet, alone time to fill it back to where they feel they can interact with others again.

Chapter 1. Adjusted Labels

People assume that introverts are shy, socially awkward, that they dislike people, and generally aren’t good with them.
These notions of an introvert are completely wrong for a few reasons.
First, introverts are not necessarily shy, anxious, or antisocial as others may label them.

They simply have a limited amount of social energy that they can devote to people and events. This is measured by the concept of the social battery. Imagine a battery meter over an introvert’s head draining slightly with every conversation they have, and every question they answer. When it finally runs down to zero, they feel exhausted and need isolation. It can take anywhere from hours to days to weeks for an introvert’s social battery to recharge.