How much do I want to read more? 6/10

My first reaction about the book title is to think about Jim Rohn's remark in "Cultivating an unshakable character", that humor can't be faked, and there can't be self-taught in a book or seminar. So this book is a great challenge.
Humor is fascinating in that it uniquely transcends all other human's traits.
This book targets a topic we often overlook, and that is worth our attention.

Chapter 1. The Real Power of Being Funny

That’s the real power of humor. It allows us to get through our daily lives in the worst of times, and at the best of times, it allows us to be our best selves in front of other people.

Humor makes social interaction much easier. It lets people drop their guard and allow themselves to be comfortable with each other. Even if tension builds to a potentially explosive stage, a little bit of humor can diffuse what would have otherwise been a negative situation.

Aside from dealing with life’s adversities, humor allows you to showcase the best sides of your personality – your cleverness, intellect, and wit.

Indeed, it takes insight, seeing uncommon patterns, and creative thinking to be consistently funny. People recognize this.

males with better sense of humor are perceived as more sexually attractive by women.
What makes this study interesting is that the perception of sexual attractiveness has nothing to do with how much money the man has, how much power he wields over other people, question of social status and social significance are also irrelevant, even good looks is not as important when a sense of humor is involved. A sense of humor can cut through normal expectations and elevate you instantly in the mind of the person perceiving you.
Even the most unattractive guy can draw positive attention from a very attractive woman by simply cracking the right joke at the right time.

Things that make you laugh consistently and predictably others may find flat, boring, and uninteresting. When you come across somebody that shares the same sense of humor, you can’t help but feel a sense of affinity and similarity. You feel like you are on the same team.

Laughing hilariously over the same topics has been known to launch many a friendship solely on the basis that you are speaking each other’s languages. Humor enables you to create a distinct bond based on what you find funny.

Humor is simply one of the best emotions to feel, and thus be able to create.

You can engage other people and take them into an entirely different, stress-free world.

There is even a subconscious level of positive associations you may create because people associate you with feelings of joy, laughing, and humor.