How much do I want to read more? 4/10

I have no doubt building lovable products is important. Maybe I were too busy when reading this book, and I couldn't catch the really good pieces of advice, out of the very common sense, that could benefit me.

Lovability is the metric that nobody in business talks about but that’s obvious in hindsight. Lovability — the capacity to earn genuine, heartfelt love and loyalty from customers — is the secret ingredient that propels a select few organizations ahead and leads not only to consistent growth and profitability but sustainable happiness for everyone involved.

After all, life is short. Why spend it doing anything less than meaningful work with people you care about?


According to Moore, the way to create a “whole” product is to think through both your customer’s problems and solutions. It’s not enough to address the core product — you have to think about everything needed to get your customer from consideration to an imperative to buy. This can be everything from the installation of the product to training