How much do I want to read more? 6/10

This is a lovely short book that emphasizes the benefits of writing your own journal, and it gives a multitude of topics ideas you can write and reflect about.
I bet you will know yourself much better if you do all those "writing exercises".

Chapter 1- The Art of Journaling

Journaling is basically the act of recording your thoughts and feelings by jotting them down on a daily basis. This art has been around for hundreds of years now, and has been used by most people as a means to relieve stress and express themselves.

One of the most popular journals is that one by Samuel Pepys.
And then there’s also Anne Frank’s Diary. Her diary is now one of the most famous diaries ever created—and has inspired legions of people everywhere.

Journaling is also an act of self-exploration. When you get your thoughts down and when you get to express yourself, you realize that there are still a lot of things that you don’t actually know about yourself—and that there’s also a lot more that you can learn about life on earth.

Chapter 2- Elements Of A Good Journal

  1. The Purpose. First and foremost, you have to ask yourself as to why exactly you are writing the journal, or the certain topic that you’re trying to write about. What is it about? What is it for? Who is it for? These questions will help set the tone of your journal entry—as well as the whole journal itself. For every entry, there should be a different topic so that you won’t just talk about the same thing over and over and over again. This way, each of your entries will really have some purpose and won’t just be a reflection of the other.

  2. The Beginning. The first lines that you write should be compelling. Sure, no one might be reading that journal now, but you also have to think of the fact that if people get to read them, how do you think they’d feel? It’s important that you get their attention right away so they would keep on reading. Also, the first lines are important because again, they will set the tone of the entry, and they would—and should—make people curious.

  3. The Conclusion. Every piece should end in such a way that your readers would either be left hanging, want to read more, or simply just feel a surge of emotions because they understood what you were trying to say. If you started your piece strongly, you should end it strongly, as well.

Different kinds of journals:

  1. Creative Writing. A Creative Writing Journal is where you get to write your own short stories, poems, essays, ideas for novels, or responds to prompts. It’s a good way to stimulate the mind and let your thoughts flow out in such a way that it would create something special. The idea is when a spark of thought gets inside your brain, you have to get down and start writing. You have to cultivate the idea so it could be something more.

  2. Personal Journal. As the name suggests, this is the kind of journal where you’d write your personal thoughts and feelings. It’s pretty much the free-flowing kind where there are no restrictions and where you really should not censor yourself. You can write about what happened today, the emotions that you feel, or about certain people, too. It’s definitely your own personal diary!

  3. Gratitude Journal. A Gratitude Journal is where you’re going to write about the things that you are thankful for. You see, when you actually write about even the smallest things that made you happy, you’ll realize that life is actually good and that you have so much to be thankful for. It’s best to write even just about one thing daily so by the end of the year, you can look back and see how great the past year has been.

  4. Travel Journal. Of course, a travel journal is a journal where you’re going to document accounts of your travels. It’s also a good way to look back on where you’ve been—literally and figuratively, so it’s meant to keep you inspired!

Chapter 3- Benefits of Journaling

  1. It clears your mind. There are times when you feel like there are just too many things in your brain and you somehow feel like screaming. Well, why not write your thoughts down, instead? The thing about journaling is that it allows you to free some space in your brain. Once you put down those thoughts on paper, you’ll certainly feel a whole lot better—and you can now say goodbye to stress!

  2. It helps you understand yourself better. Sometimes, you’re just so busy with life that you forget to spend time with and understand the person whom you should know best—yourself! When you start journaling, you’d be able to understand yourself again. You’d be able to remember what your goals are; you’d be able to have this clearer version of the future—or what you want the future to be. This way, you can write about your plans and be more motivated to push through with them and make them come true because surely, you would not want to disappoint yourself.

  3. It helps you remember what you’ve gone through. When you read old journal entries again, you’ll remember about who you were months or years ago and you’ll see how far you’ve come—and how far you still have to go. In a way, it will help you realizes that change is constant. It’ll help you realize that you have changed and you’ve grown, and that’ll make you feel that you’re “real” and that you’re really living a life.

  4. You get to remind yourself about the good things in life. Sometimes, we all need a reminder that things are going to be okay, and that even if you’re going through hard things right now, you’ll manage. You can go on. When you look back on the positive things, they’ll keep you stronger and they’ll help you understand that everything will soon be okay—you’ll soon be okay.

  5. And, you get to improve your writing skills. Your writing may suck at first. You might feel like it’s the kind of writing that’s for your eyes only”, but sooner or later, you’ll see how much your writing skills have improved. If you write every day, you also get to practice every day and that way, you’ll be more confident not just about your writing skills, but about yourself, in general, as well.

Chapter 4-5-6-7-8 Journal Writing Prompts

  1. A is for “Amazing”. Write about the most amazing things in your life. They can be people, events, inspirations—whatever’s amazing for you!
  2. B is for “Beautiful”. What do you consider “beautiful?” Write about it.
  3. C is for “Careful”. Was there ever a time when someone deliberately told you to be careful about another person, or a certain situation? What did you do? Did you follow the said person’s warnings or not?
  4. D is for "Death". Write about your feelings about death.
  5. E is for "Excitement". When was the last time you ever got excited?
  6. F is for "Friendship". What makes a friendship tick?
  7. G is for "Grateful." What are you grateful for right now?"
  8. H is for "Help". When was the last time when you felt like asking for help but you weren't able to ask for it?
  9. I is for "Invisible." Have you ever felt invisible?
  10. J is for "Joyous". When was the last time you ever felt joyous?
  11. K is for "Kindness". Do you feel like people still have a sense of kindness these days?
  12. L is for “Love”. What is love for you?
  13. M is for “Memory”. Write about your most painful memory, or something that you really do not want to look back on.
  14. N is for “Night”. What do you love to do during night time?
  15. O is for “Over”. What part of your life do you consider to really be “over”?
  16. P is for “Priceless”. What’s priceless in your life?
  17. Q is for “Quick.” What’s one thing that you want to do quickly?
  18. R is for “Red”. Write about the color Red.
  19. S is for “Serendipity”. Do you believe in serendipity? Why or why not?
  20. T is for “Trouble”. When was the last time that you got into trouble?
  21. U is for “Undeniable”. Have you ever felt love that was undeniable?
  22. V is for “Voice”. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to tell someone?
  23. W is for “Weird”. What’s weird about you?
  24. X is for “Xenial”. Xenial means having friendly competition. Who do you have this kind of competition with?
  25. Y is for “You”. Write about how you define yourself.
  26. Z is for “Zest”. What do you have the most zest for?
  27. 1 – Write about the one person whom you consider as the most important person in your life.
  28. 2 – Write about 2 songs that you love best.
  29. 3 – What were you doing 3 days ago?
  30. 4 –When you were 4 years old, what do you remember most as something that you consider as your ambition?
  31. 5- Write about your top 5 favorite movies.
  32. 6- What were you doing at 6 PM last night?
  33. 7 –What was your 7th birthday party like?
  34. 8 – Write about 8 friends whom you consider as your best or closest friends.
  35. 9 – Write about 9 things that make you feel lucky.
  36. 10 – Write about your top 10 favorite albums of all time.
  37. 11 – Do you believe that you have to utter a wish every 11:11 PM?
  38. 12 – Rewrite the 12 Days of Christmas with the gifts that you actually want to receive.
  39. 13 – Do you believe that Friday the 13th is unlucky?
  40. 14 – Did you ever like someone when you were 14? What was he/she like? Do you still talk to him now?
  41. 15 – If you’ll be given your own 15 minutes of fame, what would you do?
  42. 16 –What were you like when you were 16?
  43. 17 – Did you ever felt like you already wanted to be an adult when you were 17?
  44. 18 – How was being 18 like?
  45. 19 – Write a list of 19 things that make you happy.
  46. 20 – 20 Reasons why you love your favorite TV show.
  47. 21 – When you were 21 and legal, what was one thing that you did that really made you feel like “Yes! I’m finally an adult!”
  48. 22 –Listen to the song “22” by Taylor Swift and write about how you feel about it.
  49. 23 – In 23 days, how do you think your life will be like?
  50. 24 –At 24, what were you doing in your life? Or, if you’re not 24 yet, what are you planning to do or planning to be when you finally reach that age?
  51. 25 –What do you think of the quarter-life crisis?
  52. 26 – Write 26 food products that you like.
  53. 27 – Write for exactly 27 minutes. No interruptions.
  54. 28 –Suppose time stops for 28 years and when you wake up, it’s already after 28 years. What do you think the world will be like?
  55. 29 –Imagine it’s your last day of being 29. How do you think you would feel? Will you be excited about turning 30 or not?
  56. 30 –Some people say that life starts at 30. Why is that so?
  57. Listen to Foxes “Let go for tonight” and write what you think about it.
  58. Listen to Lana del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”. Then, pretend that you’re a music video director. Write about your music video plans for the said song.
  59. What song really makes you sad whenever you listen to it?
  60. What’s your all time favorite song?
  61. What song really makes you happy?
  62. Write songs that you want to be part of the soundtrack of your life.
  63. Think about your last breakup. What song do you think should have been playing at that moment?
  64. What’s the one song that you absolutely hate?
  65. Write about your favorite Britney Spears song. Or, if you don’t like Britney, write about one of her songs that you can tolerate the most.
  66. Write about your favorite movie soundtrack.
  67. Write about a song that you wish you yourself have written.
  68. What are your current favorite songs?
  69. Listen to the song “California” by Phantom Planet. What does it make you think of?
  70. What’s your favorite music video of all time?
  71. Listen to the full soundtrack of “A Walk to Remember”, then pick your favorite song from the said album and write about it.
  72. Why do you think they say that music can make the world go round?
  73. Who is your favorite singer?
  74. Who is your favorite band?
  75. What song inspires you the most?
  76. Pretend that you’re a signer or you’re part of a band. What do you want to call your first album?
  77. Listen to Bruno Mars’ “When I was your man” then write a short story based on it.
  78. Write a story based on Leighton Meester’s “Heartstrings”.
  79. Create a poem based on the song “Nirvana” by Sam Smith.
  80. Listen to the song “No Matter How Hard We Try” by Jaylene Johnson and then pick out your favorite lines and write about how the song makes you feel, or what it reminds you of.
  81. What’s one song that reminds you of your first love?
  82. Which song is something that reminds you about the person you currently love?
  83. If you could pick out one song that depicts how you want to be loved, or depicts your ideal relationship, what is it and why?
  84. Check out Billboard’s number 1 song for this week. Do you think it deserves to be number 1?
  85. What is your favorite Disney song?
  86. Write a story based on John Legend’s “All of Me”.
  87. What song do you want to be played at your funeral?
  88. Listen to the song “Suggestions” by Orelia Has Orchestra then write about how you feel about it or what it reminds you of.
  89. What’s a song that reminds you of your childhood?
  90. What’s one song that you think has some of the best lyrics ever written? Write about it.
  91. What if someone gives you $100,000? What would you do with it?
  92. What if you’re left in an island alone and you could only bring 3 things with you? What would you bring and why?
  93. What if someone asks you to get married now? What would you answer?
  94. What if you are given a second chance to be 18 again? What will you do? Will you change anything?
  95. What if it’s your last day on earth? How would you spend it?
  96. What if you caught your significant other cheating? What would you do?
  97. What if you were given the chance to travel the world, where would you go?
  98. What if you are asked to live somewhere else for the rest of your life? Where would you live and why?
  99. What if you can no longer use your hands? How do you think would you be able to live?
  100. What if you’re allowed to write a letter to “the one who got away”? What would you tell him/her?
  101. What if you can only eat one food item all year? What would it be and why?
  102. What if a movie about your life is going to be made? Who do you want to play you?
  103. What if a baby is left on your doorstep. What would you do?
  104. What if you find out that you’re actually a wizard and that you have to go to Hogwarts?
  105. What if you are given the chance to eat dinner with someone famous? Who would you choose and why?
  106. What if you lost your ability to speak?
  107. What if you can no longer see?
  108. What if someone asks you to break up with your significant other? What would you do?
  109. What if you’re allowed to see what happens to you 10 years from now? Would you like to see it?
  110. What if you can make your own version of one song? What would it be and why?
  111. What if you find out that you’re not actually the child of your parents?
  112. What if you’re given a time turner? What would you use it for?
  113. What if you can choose another name for yourself? What would it be and why?
  114. What if you can only visit one website all year? What would it be and why?
  115. What if you find out that your crush when you were 11 is in love with you now? How would you feel?
  116. What if you and another person find yourselves under the mistletoe? What would you do?
  117. What if you get stuck in a dark road for a night?
  118. What if your phone gets taken away from you?
  119. What if you can no longer go on social media?
  120. What if you were asked to cry right now? What would you cry about?
  121. What if a cat appears in your doorstep? What would you do?
  122. Talk about your favorite birthday celebration of all time.
  123. Talk about your worst birthday celebration of all time.
  124. Talk about your first kiss.
  125. Talk about your last kiss.
  126. Talk about the first time when you realized what your goal in life was.
  127. Talk about the worst fight that you had with your significant other.
  128. Talk about your favorite part of your body.
  129. Talk about your least favorite part of your body.
  130. Talk about what you first notice on another person when you first meet.
  131. Talk about the first time you had sex, or if you still haven’t, talk about how you imagine it would be like.
  132. Talk about the dream that you had last night.
  133. Talk about one thing that you regret the most.
  134. Talk about something that you’ve always wished for.
  135. Talk about High School. How was it like?
  136. Talk about something that recently ended.
  137. Talk about what you consider as your guilty pleasures.
  138. Talk about your first crush.
  139. Talk about someone you liked and never thought you would like.
  140. Talk about the person you’re with right now.
  141. Talk about your best friend.
  142. Talk about the song that you’re currently listening to, if any.
  143. Talk about your biggest fears.
  144. Talk about someone you hate.
  145. Talk about a place that reminds you of your childhood.
  146. Talk about the things that turn you on.
  147. Talk about the things that turn you off.
  148. Talk about things that make you feel old.
  149. Talk about things that you feel like you don’t want to do anymore.
  150. Talk about the worst kind of sickness you’ve ever had.
  151. Talk about something that you’re guilty about.
  152. Talk about the worst time in your life.
  153. If you are going to be named after a color, which color would you pick and why?
  154. Yellow signifies sunshine. Do you like sunshine or hot summer days? Why or why not?
  155. Write a story based on the color Red.
  156. If one color would be able to signify your life, what would it be and why?
  157. If one color would signify your love life, what would it be and why?
  158. What does the color Periwinkle remind you of?
  159. What do you think of the color Orange?
  160. Write a story with the title of “Copper”.
  161. Write a story that starts with these words: Brown skies, brown patches, everything brown, brown everywhere…
  162. Talk about something white that you like.
  163. Talk about something black that you like.
  164. Pink or Blue Roses?
  165. If you could change the color of your country’s flag, what would you change it with?
  166. Imagine that the world was colorless. How would that make you feel?
  167. If you were to describe the color Green to a blind person, how would you do it?
  168. What’s your favorite color?
  169. What’s your least favorite color?
  170. What color are your clothes usually in?
  171. What color would you like to wear on your wedding?
  172. Why do you think the colors Red and Green are associated with Christmas?
  173. What do you think is the color of your aura?
  174. Write a poem that starts with these lines: The skies were in shades of pink and purple. The sun was…
  175. What’s your favorite shoe color?
  176. If you could only plant one color of flowers all year, which color would it be and why?
  177. If you could invent a color, what would it be?
  178. Name a color after your favorite person.
  179. If the color Mint Green could speak, what do you think will it say?
  180. Do you like Neon Colors?
  181. Who would you like to be friends with right now?
  182. Who do you love the most right now?
  183. Who do you ship the most?
  184. Who sang your favorite song? Do you like the said artist?
  185. Who do you want to talk to right at this moment?
  186. Who can you spend a whole day with without being bored?
  187. Who among your relatives is your favorite?
  188. Who among your relatives do you hate the most?
  189. Who do you want to cuddle with?
  190. Who would you like to be if you weren’t who you are?
  191. Who do you consider your soulmate to be?
  192. Who do you admire the most?
  193. Who do you think knows you best?
  194. Who’s your favorite contact on your mobile phone?
  195. Who texts you the most?
  196. Who do you think hates you right now?
  197. Who is the person whom you can trust the most?
  198. Who did you last talk to?
  199. Who often makes you feel bad about yourself?
  200. Who makes you feel great about yourself?
  201. Who do you talk to the most and how do you feel about it?
  202. Who’s the person whom you feel can do everything for you?
  203. Who’s the person whom you’re willing to do everything for?
  204. Who was the person who broke your heart the most?
  205. Who’s the person who annoys you the most?
  206. Whom did you last say “I love you” to?
  207. Who was the worst friend you ever had?
  208. Who was one of the best friends you ever had?
  209. Who makes you laugh the most?
  210. Who makes you cry the most?
  211. Who’s in your mind at this moment?
    Do you…
  212. Do you like it when you’re in a situation where you could meet a lot of people?
  213. Do you think you can handle a long distance relationship?
  214. Do you think you are capable of handling a relationship right now?
  215. Do you spend so much money on things that you don’t actually need?
  216. Do you think you eat too much, or too little?
  217. Do you think that your significant other is completely honest with you?
  218. Do you think someone’s lying to you right now?
  219. Do you usually text or call more?
  220. Do you use the internet a lot? Why?
  221. Do you think you’ll ever be able to live without a computer?
  222. Do you think you’ll ever be able to live without a smart phone?
  223. Do you still pray before going to bed?
  224. Do you still pray in the mornings?
  225. Do you still remember the last time when you felt extremely happy?
  226. Do you still remember what you dreamed of becoming as a child?
  227. Do you like being friends with girls or boys more?
  228. Do you like it when your significant other holds your hand?
  229. Do you like the way he/she kisses you?
  230. Do you think your family likes your significant other?
  231. Do you often over-think things?
  232. Do you ever wish on a star?
  233. Do you think you’re already happy with who you are right now, or do you think you could be so much more?
  234. Do you ever think you’ll be able to achieve all your dreams?
  235. Do you like smiling at people you don’t know?
  236. Do you ever feel like crying even if you have no idea why?
  237. Do you believe in the afterlife?
  238. Do you believe in aliens, faeries, or mermaids?
  239. Do you think that one day, we’ll be able to live in other planets?
  240. Do you ever wish that you could be someone else, even just for a day? Reintroduce Yourself
  241. What is the meaning of your name? Are you happy with it? If you don’t know what it means yet, research on it, and then write about it.
  242. Do you like your name or would you like to change it to something else?
  243. Do you have a blog? What is the meaning behind your URL? If you haven’t yet, just write about what you want your URL to be and why you chose the said name.
  244. Are you the kind of person who believes in miracles, fairy dust, or wishes coming true?
  245. Do you have any piercings? Are any of them significant to you or did you just get them without any reason at all?
  246. Do you have any tattoos? What do they mean? If you haven’t, would you ever get some?
  247. Was there ever a time when you felt so depressed and felt like you would never be happy again? Write about it and write about how you actually got through it.
  248. What gives you hope?
  249. What makes you feel sad or can easily drive you to desperation?
  250. How old are you now? Do you feel accomplished already, or do you feel younger or older than you are?
  251. Talk about the year that was. Are you happy with it, or do you wish you could’ve done some things differently?
  252. When was the first time you ever fell in love, and you really knew that you were in love?
  253. Do you still remember your first crush? Write about him/her.
  254. What was your first big heartbreak like? How did you deal with it?
  255. Do you still have goals and ambitions that you want to accomplish now that you’re the age that you are?
  256. Do you believe in soulmates and happy endings?
  257. Look back on the time when you were still a teenager. Do you think you made the most out of your youth, or do you agree now that youth is often times wasted on the young?
  258. What’s your favorite movie and why?
  259. What was the last movie that you saw?
  260. Do you believe in Santa Claus?
  261. Write 50 random facts about yourself.
  262. Would you ever consider going under the knife? Why or why not?
  263. If you could make one last phone call to someone before you die, who would you call and why? And what are the things that you would say to the said person?
  264. What’s the best thing that happened this year?
  265. Do you have any phobias? Write about them and why you’re actually scared of them.
  266. What are your top 5 goals in life?
  267. What was the last book you read? Did you like it? Write your thoughts on it.
  268. Do you have any trust issues? Do you find it easy or hard to trust people? Why or why not?
  269. What’s one thing that you feel like you can no longer fix or change about you?
  270. What kind of people attracts you the most and why?
  271. Some hearts have run cold. Some hearts are unfixable. Sometimes you feel like you can get through someone, but…
  272. In the middle of the cold, dark December night, I looked out my window and…
  273. I never believed in ghosts. I never believed in the unexplained, until one day…
  274. She likes him. He likes her…
  275. There were days that seemed so wrong; days that felt like life was no longer worth it. Some of these days were…
  276. I am unbreakable because…
  277. I love you. I love you not because…
  278. She looked at him like there was something wrong on his face; like…
  279. He asked her why she was the way she was. She looked at him and…
  280. Roses that grow during spring are roses that…
  281. The wind was harsh; violent. The wind…
  282. July 15, 1989…
  283. She went downstairs, like a princess who was being presented to the crowd. She felt like Cinderella, but…
  284. She woke up in the middle of the night because of the sound of the phone ringing. She stood up, picked up the phone…
  285. He told her that she had him at Hello…
  286. One day in your life, you’ll look back and…
  287. Sunshine, spring, the cheer that the air could bring…
  288. Some days, she felt like she is no longer sane; like her mind…
  289. He never really believed in miracles…
  290. Once upon a time, there was a cat who sat down on one of the branches of the cherry tree…
  291. A cat and a dog once were friends…
  292. There was a time when her heart got badly broken; when she couldn’t speak the words that were pent up inside. There was a time when…
  293. If I could wave my magic wand…
  294. Boom! A loud, crashing sound was heard all over the place…
  295. Everyone deserves to be loved, they said. But what if…
  296. In the West Coast, the breeze is clean; the breeze is clear. I don’t know if I belong here…
  297. She was born in October—in the sign of the scales. But she…
  298. Rudolph has a very shiny nose, and I…
  299. It’s so nice to see the smiles on the faces of children who just received their gifts. It’s so nice to feel warm and fuzzy. It’s so nice to feel loved. But somehow…
  300. When you’re young, you think that…
  301. It was the last day of her life…
    Let’s travel the world…
  302. Savannah, Georgia, is a quaint and serene place in the United States. It is characterized by lush willow trees, beautiful flowers, and some of the most historic sites in the world. Write a love story with Savannah, Georgia as the setting.
  303. Imagine you’re watching the World Cup in Brazil. Then, suddenly, one of the hottest players in the world talks to you. What happens next?
  304. You’re in Niagara Falls. You’re standing there, watching how the current of the water is so strong when someone tells you to jump, because it would have no repercussions and you won’t get hurt. Would you follow him?
  305. You’re in Hollywood and one of the world’s hottest and most bankable stars. Create a story about this.
  306. You’re walking along the Jaracanda Tree Alley in Southern California. It’s a picturesque setting where the trees have formed a tunnel. You feel safe and secure, then suddenly…
  307. Write a poem with the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois as an inspiration.
  308. There’s a place called Rhododendron Trail in Ireland. It’s basically a street littered with Rhododendron Petals. Why do you think this is the case?
  309. The moon is shining bright in one of the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina. And then…
  310. You work in New York’s Rizzoli Bookstore, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. One day, a couple comes in and…
  311. You go to bed one night and everything seems normal. Then, upon waking up you find that you’re in Parque Francisco Alvarado in Costa Rica, and it’s reminiscent of the maze that the Red Queen asked Alice to go through while she was in Wonderland. Write a story in this setting.
  312. You’re at a wedding in Florence, Italy. It’s time to dance at the reception and this gorgeous, 6 foot tall guy asks you to dance to the tune of Lana del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”. Continue the story.
  313. Write a poem with the Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn, Germany as the setting.
  314. Write a story about a family traveling around Iguacu Falls in Brazil.
  315. Write a story with the Cat Island in Tashirojima, Japan as the setting.
  316. Write a love story with the Stari Most bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the setting.
  317. They say that if you can make it to New York, you can make it anywhere—and you can easily do anything that you want. Why is that so?
  318. Imagine you’re in Scotland and someone asks you to try one of their most famous dishes—the Haggis, a pudding made out of sheep’s liver, lungs, and heart, mixed with oatmeal, onion, salt, and is placed in a sausage. Would you say yes or no? Why?
  319. Write about a couple honeymooning at the beautiful Portmeirion Garden in Wales.
  320. Imagine that you and your friend are left alone at the Glowworm Caves in New Zealand. Continue the story.
  321. Look at a photo of the Tulip Fields in Netherlands and make a poem, an essay, or a short story about it.
  322. Write a story based in one of your favorite places in the world.
  323. When was the last time that you traveled? Talk about it. What lessons did you learn, and would you ever go back there? Or, where do you want to travel to next?
  324. Why do you think it is important for people to travel?
  325. Write a story based in Santorini, Greece.
  326. You’re in a private yacht in the beautiful islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Write a story about this.
  327. Write a story about a princess trapped in the Maldives.
  328. Write a story about a group of friends during one of the jazz festivals in New Orleans.
  329. Imagine that it’s your last day on earth and you’re at the Fairytale Flower Tunnel in Kawachi Gardens, Japan. Write a poem based on this plot.
  330. Write a story about two people who met inside a train. What goes on between them? How will their story progress?
  331. Write a story about a party happening in Bora Bora, Polynesia.
  332. Each year, the islands of Kiribati and Samoa are always the first to experience the coming of the New Year. Write a story based on this.
    Let’s twist Fairytales
  333. If Snow White actually got killed by the queen and wasn’t able to wake up when Prince Charming kissed her, what do you think would happen? Write a story about what happens to Prince Charming, the dwarves, and the world based on this.
  334. Write a back story about Snow White’s Stepmother. Why do you think she’s the way she is? What made her that way? Try to explore her story more.
  335. Let’s say Cinderella and Prince Philip, who’s on his way to save Aurora from her hundred year sleep met. How do you think this meeting will change their lives and their worlds? Write a story about this.
  336. Write a poem with each of the first lines starting with the names of Fairytale Princesses.
  337. Write a story that takes place after the last scene of the movie “Frozen”.
  338. What’s your favorite fairytale? Why do you like it and what makes it more special than the others? Write about it.
  339. If you were Thumbelina, where would you go? What adventures would you take? Re-tell Thumbelina’s story with your own twist.
  340. Why do you think fairytales were written? What do you think is the biggest general lesson that they can teach us all?
  341. If you were Rapunzel, would you actually have let down your hair? Or would you be content to stay in your tower forever? Or, do you actually have plans of escaping on your own, without the help of a prince or anyone?
  342. If you were Ariel, the Little Mermaid, would you actually want to leave your world in the sea? Would you also be as curious as her to see what’s above the sea? And would you give up your own voice just so you could have feet and get the chance to be with the man that you like?
  343. If you were Aladdin and were given the chance to get three of your wishes come true, what would you wish for and why?
  344. Again, if you were Aladdin and you have a magic carpet, where would you ask the carpet to take you? Write a story based on this.
  345. Write a story about Sleeping Beauty who just woke up after the Prince kissed her. How do you think would she react and what would she do?
  346. If you were Anna and you have a sister like Elsa who’s just locked in all along, and wouldn’t even play or talk with you anymore, what would you do? Would you just leave her be? Or, would you also try to do what Anna did and try to let Elsa live in the same world that you’re living in?
  347. Write your own fairytale with these elements in the story: The setting would be in the destroyed “Locks of Love” in Paris, the Princess would be someone with red hair, the Prince would be a guy who doesn’t even know how to use a sword, and there should be three cats, a squirrel, and a dove.
  348. Write a story with Red Riding Hood as an adult in New York.
  349. Write a story about a woman in her 40’s who found the Fountain of Youth and comes home to her husband. What happens next and how would her husband react?
  350. Read the story “The Juniper Tree” by the Brothers Grimm then write about your thoughts on it. Why do you think this story was created? What is the purpose? And how do you feel about it?
  351. Read the story “The Little Match Girl” then write how you feel about it after. Also, write your own soundtrack for the said story.
  352. If you were the Princess in the story “The Princess and the Pea”, would you actually have felt the pea? Why or why not?
  353. Do you think that stories like “Beauty and the Beast” can actually come true?
  354. Watch one episode of the television series “Once Upon a Time”—the first episode shall do. Then, write your thoughts on it. Do you think the series has a great plot and that it’s a good idea to do what they did? How do you feel about it?
  355. What do you love most about your favorite Fairytale Character?
  356. Who do you think would win in a fist fight: Belle, Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, or Snow White?
  357. If you were Merida, would you also have resented the fact that your parents are asking you to marry someone you don’t know? Or would you just be ready for it?
  358. Read the story “Snow White and Rose Red” then rewrite it with your own twist.
  359. If you were a prince or princess in this modern world, do you think that you should still live in a castle? Or will it be okay for you to just be one with the people and live in a middle-class setting and the like? Do you think that it’s actually possible to do that?
  360. What do you think is the moral of the story “Puss in Boots”?
  361. Watch the music video of the song “Ride” by Lana del Rey and listen to her monologue in the first few seconds of the said song. Do you believe in what she said? Do you believe that there are people who actually feel more at home with other people than in an actual house? What do you think does she want to impart in the video?
  362. Write a plot of a movie or a television show that you would make if you were given the chance. Write about which actors you’d like to play the characters and how you want the story to go.
  363. If you were Harry Potter, would you have married Ginny Weasley?
  364. Continue these lines: I tried not to get into trouble, I tried to stay sane…
  365. How do you think your country would be like 10 years from now?
  366. Write a poem with the first lines starting with the letters of your first name.
  367. Watch the movie “The Virgin Suicides” then write your thoughts on it after.
  368. Are you the kind of person who’s easy to get along with?
  369. Write about how you want your dream house to be like.
  370. Write about your daily routine.
  371. Have you ever been forced not to tell someone that you like him/her just because you felt that a friend wouldn’t be able to take it if you did so?
  372. Have you ever given up on a dream?
  373. Write a letter to the person you love most.
  374. Write a letter to the person you hate most.
    Continue these lines…
  375. A fresh Red Rose left out at sea…
  376. It was the night after Christmas and…
  377. There’s an Alpaca in the garden…
  378. Two boys were playing video games when…
  379. Why is it that good people die young? Why is it that sometimes, life seems unfair?
  380. She looked at herself in the mirror…
  381. There are times when she felt that the world was crashing down; that her whole life was no longer hers…
  382. There’s a fish swimming at sea…
  383. He saw her and he knew…
  384. Every Saturday night…
  385. He never knew love…
  386. You suck so bad it hurts…
  387. She always felt alone and then one day…
  388. She looked up at the moon in the dark night sky…
  389. Lost in outer-space, she…
  390. The wind has no colors, she said. But why…
  391. He made his way out of the house…
  392. In Orange County, California, there are…
  393. The only reason why she wanted him…
  394. He’s like poison. He seeped through her veins and…
  395. He took off his shirt and…
  396. She felt like her sails were lost at sea. However, she…
  397. Welcome to my life…