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Self-esteem is for sure important and interesting topic,
but the explanations here seems a bit hollow like this: "When you have higher self esteem you encourage, appreciate, praise and respect yourself." What a scoop! And here's what's next: "People with low self esteem do the opposite to the above!".

Self-esteem is for sure important and interesting topic,
but the explanations here seems a bit hollow like this: "When you have higher self-esteem you encourage, appreciate, praise and respect yourself." And then: "People with low self-esteem do the opposite to the above!".


The Difference between Self Esteem and Confidence

When I look back to what I first considered confidence to be, I imagined an outspoken person that didn’t care what other people thought - and so; they did whatever they pleased.
This is simply not confidence and displays arrogance and selfishness.

Gaining higher self esteem allows us to handle situations more confidently, just as self confidence contributes to our growing self esteem.


Confidence implies facing your fears. We all have barriers in our lives that we would like to overcome.
For example: How do you feel about public speaking? Do you think you can do it? Would you do it if you were asked?
They focus on the potential risk, rather than the benefits of their outcomes.


by coming out of your shell and expressing your personality’s full potential to create what you want in life.

Self Esteem

Self esteem is the value you place upon yourself.
When we have high self esteem we are in a sense our own best friends. We praise ourselves, notice our positive qualities, encourage ourselves.
Can you imagine how good you are going to be feeling when higher self esteem is yours to own in the near future?

In a nutshell

Self Esteem Opens the Door to Confidence

When we achieve higher self esteem for ourselves our thinking and behaviours work with one another; this results in your behaviours serving your thinking and your thinking serving your behaviours. This allows you to make better decisions and then take action more effectively.

What happens to the majority of people that do not posses higher self esteem, is they stare at the door to confidence like a lost puppy scratching the surface wishing it would open. To put it simply there’s no higher self esteem key to open the door, so they remain stuck and drool at the opportunities in life like a hungry dog waiting for Scooby snacks.

You will learn how to feel good about taking action. And learn from what comes from taking action, in a way that benefits you, whether you achieve your goals or not

What is High and Low Self Esteem?

This place inside of you - needs to be nurtured by you. When we are born, we all have a major responsibility. YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO CONDITION YOURSELF, otherwise the world will condition you for you;

The Two Worlds

Our self esteem is our internal reality.

During my low self esteem period I would sit in my room - In the dark, and continuously think about all the characteristics I hated about myself. I would regret the things I hadn’t done; I would chastise myself continuously for how pathetic I was and also for how depressing my life was turning out. I created loops of negative attacking thoughts and feelings that would eventually lead to my doom in self esteem.

if you begin to think in uplifting self empowering and positive directions you will experience the benefits of what this brings.
You do possess the natural power to use this right now!
What most people do is sit around waiting for some external stimulus to kick them into action or to make them feel better. They forget we all have the natural ability to make ourselves feel motivated and uplifted anytime we want!
Imagine if all the feelings you have ever wanted suddenly became a part of your life right now; passion, excitement, love, happiness, motivation and inner strength. All due to you creating the thoughts that allow you to feel this way anyway.

Be aware and notice

We must protect our internal world as to make sure we don’t accept any outside influences that do not serve our higher self esteem.

Encourage yourself in absolutely any way you can think of to demonstrate to yourself that you are slowly becoming your own best friend.

Begin to become aware of how you are thinking about yourself, your life and the people within it. And redirect these thoughts in a way that demonstrates you are supporting yourself - gradually becoming your own best friend!

Become aware of any negative thoughts or feelings that affect your self esteem; whether from external or internal and create positive thoughts and reasons that serve you within its place. No matter how silly they are purposely feel better in relation to them

Understanding Self Esteem

People that ‘naturally’ have higher self esteem and confidence is usually fortunate enough to be brought up this way. But the downside to what these people have gained is if something very dramatic were to happen in their lives, it could cause them to lose their self esteem and confidence altogether; only due to the fact that they weren’t aware of what or when it was happening in the first place.

Taking advantage of others

Since you are using people to gain what you want out of life because you don’t have the capability in creating it for yourself.

Allowing people to take advantage of us

Start supporting and defending yourself as when you do this, you will find your self dignity returning to you.

Association and Dissociation

  1. Dissociation is the act of viewing your situations objectively
  2. Association is looking at the world through your own eyes; fully one with the experience
  3. Step out of yourself to analyze the aggressive and/or passive behaviours, thoughts
  4. Associate into your positive past, in the beneficial imagined future experiences you want to make part of your life.

Uncovering your Inner Self

What useless feelings do I have, that prevent me from filling the emptiness within? Why aren’t they useful?