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George Washington, the first president of the United States.
This is a simplistic biography, but since I don't know much about this person, I should read on.
Zig Ziglar talks about George Washington in glowing terms in his "Cultivating an unshakable Character".

1783: After seven long years of fighting, the war was finally over. American soldiers had beaten the mighty British army. The thirteen colonies were independent now.
Ships full of British soldiers sailed back to England. From here on in, nobody in America had to obey King George. There was going to be a brand-new country with thirteen united states.
And in 1789 when it came time to elect the first president, who was the number-one choice?
George Washington, of course.

George Washington had been the top general throughout the war. He was not the kind of general who just gave orders and then watched soldiers do the fighting; he was often in the thick of battle. Yet Washington was never wounded, not once! Besides being brave, he was also smart, loyal, honest, and fair—everything a leader should be. Would the war have been won without him? Many people didn’t think so.

As the very first president, so much would be expected of him. And strange as it may seem to us, George Washington worried that he wasn’t up to the job.
But many people said they would only support the new government if George Washington were president. And more than anything, he wanted the new government to work. So he said yes.
At every stop along the way, there were parties and parades for him. Just what George didn’t want.
Today politicians may spend years planning to run for president. Millions of dollars are spent on campaigns. Yet the man who is known as “the father of our country” felt like “a criminal going off to his execution.”

Chapter I - A Boy from Virginia

George was a strong, healthy baby.
He grew into a tall, athletic boy who loved to ride horses through the green countryside. In later years he was known as the best horseman in Virginia.
Anything with numbers came easily to him. But he was a terrible speller. It embarrassed him all his life.