How much do I want to read more? 8/10

We get the same straight-talk here as in "The Millionaire Fastlane", the same idea to escape the 9-5 trap, and to think differently.
I didn't read far yet, but it's promising. Well, what's actually promising is what one will do with it.
I almost want to start straight to chapter 4 and 5, to get to the meat.
There's a bunch of repetition with the previous book, I didn't really get what's different in this one yet.

By the way, I find the quote (ch II) from Thomas Carlyle very inspiring:
"None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone."


You weren’t born to slave nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday, pay bills and then die. When life’s final moment arrives, what will your spirit sing? Regret and remorse? Or peace and happiness?
Take a moment and forecast your life’s trajectory to your deathbed. And be honest. Will you mourn lost time and the things you didn’t do? Places you didn’t see? Will your life review be all work and zero legacy? If your future forecast looks bleakly uninspiring and not worthy of your family’s history books, you have a chance to change it—right here and right now.

Elderly people nearing the end of their lives often wish they could take a time machine back to their youth and chat with their younger selves. Once there, they would tell their younger selves their life wisdom and regretful warnings that only decades of experience could reveal. By changing the past, they hope to change the future, which has become today. Sadly, what remains is a life haunted by the ghosts of dead dreams which have long died.

In other words, happiness wasn’t found doing what conventional wisdom embraced—but doing exactly the opposite.
While there are countless books on finance, navigating life, and starting businesses, none of them told the real story. Instead, these books pushed feel-good fairy tales and Wall Street fantasies.

In 2011 after a year-long editing marathon, I finally self-published The Millionaire Fastlane with limited distribution and no fanfare.
I spent virtually nothing on advertising. The mainstream media ignored me. Bloggers ignored me. The “start-up” clique rolling the hallowed streets of Silicon Valley ignored me. But you know who didn’t ignore me? Readers tired of average advice from average books promoting an average life.
Soon, sales exceeded $1 million and then $2 million.
My Twitter feed blew up with readers who couldn’t put the book down…
Might be the best book I’ve ever read.
Brilliant business wisdom.
Listening to your book is blowing my mind.
Despite what many deemed a cheesy “get rich quick” title and an ugly cover, the book hit number one on Amazon in multiple categories and on multiple occasions.
While writing two books in the same genre was not my intent, I knew another book lived in me, because the greatest con of the century exposed in Fastlane was only growing stronger.

While Fastlane unmasked the myths of wealth, it really hinted at something more: an esoteric reality hidden in the fabric of society; a cultural underbelly threading something insidiously deceptive—a sociological scheme sentencing your life to an existence of blind obedience, resigned mediocrity, and abandoned dreams.
You see, if you fail your dreams, it won’t be because you lacked effort or enthusiasm; it will be because your life was sold into a Machiavellian system where your lifetime role was already SCRIPTED for an uninspiring performance.
UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship is your pen to rewrite a future that’s already been written. Don’t wait for life’s twilight to dream about a time machine; it exists in this moment.
Your younger self is here.
Right now.
And it’s excited for the opportunity—the opportunity to resurrect your dreams and change the history that awaits.


[quote, Merriam Webster Dictionary]
Un - script - ed (adjective)
“Not following a prepared script”

Unfortunately, you’ve been SCRIPTED to believe that such a life is out of your reach, or only possible for a certain type of person. Someone with a certain college degree, a certain amount of VC funding, or a certain contact list of connected friends from Stanford. I’m here to tell you, that none of it’s true.

Now, you probably noticed this book is LONG. I mean like, super long. There’s a reason for this.
I’m not one of these “book a month” authors
I’m not an author who writes 200 pages of filler about one concept when only four paragraphs are enough.
In other words, I didn’t spend 3 years writing this book to enlarge my income streams—I wrote it to change your life.
And in order to change your life, a lot needs to be said. Yes, this goes beyond starting a business and making some side cash— it’s about reclaiming life-and-liberty through the pursuit of entrepreneurship.

If you don’t know, let me break it to you: Slavery still exists. Except today’s contemporary slavery is called the SCRIPT
UNSCRIPTED is your blueprint into an awakening of abundance, freedom, and happiness; a keystone to unleashing a life few dream of.

If you haven’t read my first book, The Millionaire Fastlane, don’t worry. UNSCRIPTED stands alone. I wouldn’t have published it if I didn’t think it could change lives.
Second, I don’t believe you can change your life by reading another “financial freedom” book that worships IRAs, stock-market investing, and soul-suffocating frugality. Do you really want to read another biblical-sized lecture idolizing the compound-interest fantasy? Hit Amazon and you’ll find ten gazillion books on such crap. This book’s title is UNSCRIPTED, not “be like fucking everyone else on the planet.”

Third, UNSCRIPTED is for you if your life has become hopeless and dissatisfying. It’s for you if you’re held hostage by a weekday and the bribery of its paycheck. If you’re sick of the suck, and tired of the tiresome: the break-room gossip, the organizational politics, the managerial ass-kissing, and whatever else boils when multiple human beings are tossed in a box and tasked with corporate minutia, I have your escape.

But most importantly, UNSCRIPTED is for you if you’ve been an aspiring entrepreneur far too long, someone who can’t turn a corner, turn a break, or turn a profit. Someone who might already own a business, but like a job, it steals time and just barely keeps the bills paid until next month. If you’re someone who would rather hear the discomforting truths from a multimillionaire over another broke blogger peddling in fantasies and narcissistic feel-good platitudes, I have your escape.

Finally, UNSCRIPTED is for you if you’re willing to risk changing yourself. Everyone wants change, but few want to change their choices. This book will be tough because life is tough. Uncomfortable truths, belief challenges, and ego-shattering revelations lie ahead.
Disruptive change doesn’t come from some mental masturbation that sparks one day and flames-out the next—it comes from the depths of your heart and soul. If you’re open to the red pill, I have your escape.

So, if I haven’t been clear, let me be now: UNSCRIPTED is not something you try, it’s something you live. If you’re ready for the challenge, get ready for a shit-your-pants revelation that everything you’ve been taught and told is bullshit. Legendary bullshit. We’re talking stuff that would make Ponzi feel out-scammed and out-lied.
The problem is, you’ve allowed ordinary thinking preached by ordinary people to produce exactly that—an ordinary life. The paradigm shift is realizing that the paradigm is shit.


CH- 1: Tales from the SCRIPT: A Monday Story

[quote, Charles Bukowski]
How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30am by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?