How much do I want to read more? 3/10

"God" appears on every page so often that it may not be a book for me.
The stories inside might still be inspiring and helpful nevertheless.


[quote, Mark Batterson]
Fear is the silent enemy that keeps us from reaching our God-given potential. Christine is a pro at helping readers defeat fear by arming them with God’s truth.

[quote, John C. Maxwell]
We all have a little “control freak” in us. In Unexpected, Christine masterfully helps readers give the reins over to God, unleashing their potential by helping them embrace the unexpected. If you fear change in the slightest, you need this book

[quote, EPHESIANS 3:20]
Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.

An Invitation to the Unexpected

[quote, Oscar Wilde]
To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.

We cannot shrink back in fear and go forward in faith at the same time. We cannot settle for our less and pursue his more at the same time. It’s just not possible.

When we went back to Australia for my mum’s funeral, I stood at her graveside service watching her casket being lowered into the ground, and all I could think was, I’m next. It wasn’t a depressing or morbid thought. It was just a realization of the natural order of life. Typically, you first bury your grandparents, then your parents, and then, you’re the next generation to go. That thought stayed with me for days, and it made me more determined than ever to make my life count.

1. When the Unexpected Interrupts

Living Expectantly

[quote, TOM ROBBINS]
True stability results when presumed order and presumed disorder are balanced. A truly stable system expects the unexpected, is prepared to be disrupted, waits to be transformed.