How much do I want to read more? 4/10

Bonaparte's life is fascinating, how could a man get so much power to conquer so much territory and to lead so many men, and have such a tremendous impact in the world?
And yet, fall predictably after such a raise?
How did it happen? The man himself is fascinating, for his strategic skills, but also for his attraction to mathematics. We all can learn from His psychology and philosophy.

Bonaparte life is a mystery that we're asked to observe and learn from.
However, I couldn't get into this book.
I get lost in those long verbose sentences, with lots of names and description that drown the storyline, if there's one.
Perhaps this is just not my style, or perhaps I should persevere, I don't know.

Paradise is an island. So is hell.

[quote, NAPOLEON]
The Island of Elba, which a year ago was thought so disagreeable, is a paradise compared to Saint Helena.


He had directly or indirectly governed the lives of some eighty million people. Soon he would be sent to a place with less than a hundred square miles of territory and a population of just over twelve thousand.

NAPOLEON’S POWER had rested largely on his ability to tell a compelling story, both about himself and about the historical significance of his rule.


1: The Morning of the Poison Lump

Napoleon presented a strange case in the history of exile. He’d “not simply been at the center of the world,” as one biographer put it, “but [had] been that center.”

“The principal thing is to get Napoleon out of France,” he wrote to his foreign minister, Count Klemens von Metternich. “And, please God, as far off as possible.