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I didn't really get excited about the introduction of this book. Maybe the topic is just not for me, or more exactly, it's not my priority right now.
I may take the time to get into it later on.

I'm trying to guess where it's going. Something like:
Trust is the pillar of evolution, without trust, we wouldn't have evolved, with adopting new technologies as they emerged.
With new technologies, and the latest blockchain revolution, a new chapter of trust is opening, that will radically change and transform our society.

Who Can You Trust?

For good and sometimes ill, it has the potential to reshape everything we do, from our choice of babysitter to our choice of money.


[quote, Confucius]
Abandon weapons first, then food. But never abandon trust. People cannot get on without trust. Trust is more important than life.

When we look at the past, we can see that trust falls into distinct chapters.
The first was local,
The second was institutional,
And the third, still very much in its infancy, is distributed.

without trust, and without an understanding of how it is built, managed, lost and repaired, a society cannot survive, and it certainly cannot thrive.
It’s a social and cultural revolution. It’s about us. And it matters.