How much I want to read more: 2/10

I didn't know what to expect about this book, but after a few pages, it sounds like grandpa advices.
Like: spend less than you earn, watch your health, don't have bad habits, don't get addicted to smoking or drinking…

It's not bad advices but it's too much common sense, outdated, and not elaborate.

Definitely not the book I would recommand in that category.

the information which might be derived from having the extra light would, of course, far outweigh a ton of candles.
"they are like the man who bought a penny herring for his family's dinner and then hired a coach and four to take it home."
True economy consists in always making the income exceed the out-go.
"it is the eyes of others and not our own eyes which ruin us. If all the world were blind except myself I should not care for fine clothes or furniture."

If, then, sound health is the foundation of success and happiness in life, how important it is that we should study the laws of health.
The nearer we keep to the laws of nature, the nearer we are to good health.

There is an old proverb which says that "habit is second nature," but an artificial habit is stronger than nature.