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[quote, William Wordsworth]
Dust as we are, the immortal spirit grows Like harmony in music; there is a dark Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles Discordant elements, makes them cling together In one society.

The importance of creative thinking today needs no emphasis. In your profession or sphere of work you will have a competitive advantage if you develop your ability to come up with new ideas.
In your personal life, too, creative thinking can lead you into new paths of creative activity. It can enrich your life – though not always in the way you expect.

There have been many books on creativity and creative thinking. What is distinctive about this one?
My new concept is that of the Depth Mind

Its aim is to help you in practical ways to become a more creative thinker.

Among other things, these pages will help you to:

1. On human creativity

[quote, Martin Luther]
To create is always to do something new.

What you are tending to do, consciously or subconsciously, is to borrow characteristics from the animals you know. There is nothing wrong with that.

Every man starts with all there is. Everything is here – the essence and substance of all there is
The potential mate- rials – the elements, constituents or substances of which something can be made or composed – are all here in our universe.

Perception, ideas and feelings are combined in a concept or vision. Of course, the artist, writer or composer needs skill and tech- nique to form on canvas or paper what is conceived in the mind.
Our creative imaginations must have something to work on. We do not form new ideas out of nothing.

As Henry Ford said above, the raw materials are all there. The creative mind sees possibilities in them or connections that are invisible to less creative minds.

That conclusion brings enormous relief. You do not have to conjure up new ideas from the air. Your task as a creative thinker is to combine ideas or elements that already exist.
If the result is an unlikely but valuable combination of ideas or things that hitherto were not thought to be linked, then you will be seen as a creative thinker. You will have added value to the synthesis, for a whole is more than the sum of its parts.


[quote, Anonymous]
No matter how old you get, if you can keep the desire to be

2. Use the stepping stones of analogy

[quote, Rodin]
I invent nothing; I rediscover.