Creating Your Passionate Life

[quote, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]
The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.

“Janet, there is this wonderful Saint from India coming to Chicago. You should interview him for your magazine.”
It was an “Aha” moment.

You’ve identified the five things which you love, which are most important to you in your life right now. Will these change? Absolutely.

We take The Passion Test every six months because we know that as our experience of life grows, we come to know our- selves ever more deeply.
Life is constantly evolving, and with that evolution comes greater clari- ty about what is most important.

What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.

People focus on what they don’t want out of fear. They’re afraid they won’t have enough money, or they’ll get sick, or there will be a disaster.
“Fear is vividly imagining exactly what you don’t want to happen, happening.”

Your passion score

Go through the top five passions you identified from your Passion Test and rate each one on a scale of 0 to 10
0 means you’re not living that passion in your life at all. 10 means you are fully living it.

The passions which have low scores are the ones you haven’t given as much attention to. The passions with high scores have received a lot of your attention.

When we say, “What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life,” we don’t mean that putting attention on something in some generalized, fuzzy, non-specific way will make the things you want appear in your life. We mean what you give attention to, every moment of every day, day in and day out, deter- mines what is created in your life.

If your attention is on all the things you can’t have and can’t do, then you won’t have them and you won’t be able to do them. If your attention is on the benefits, blessings and good fortune which is flowing into your life, then you will find more and more of those things showing up.
The great news is where you put your attention is primarily a habit.

Every time you have a thought which you know is not creat- ing what you want in your life, pull the rubber band out away from your wrist and let it snap back against your skin. Ouch!
Yes, you’ll feel it. And that tactile reminder will help train your mind that these types of thoughts don’t serve you.

Do this for a month and you’ll find you have taken a big step in breaking the habit of putting your attention on things which create unhappiness and failure in your life.

Your passion cards

One of the first things Bob said when he got up to speak was, “Do you know how easy it is to be wealthy? I currently have more than four hun- dred multiple streams of income—and it’s all because of this little card.”
He reached into his coat, withdrew a file card, and showed it to the group. It said, “I am thankful and happy for the following…” and it list- ed his five goals in priority order.
Bob explained that the mind is like a computer: Whatever you input into the mind has to get printed out or show up in your universe sooner or later. Most people spend their time putting their attention on what they lack, instead of what they choose to create, and so they get more lack.
As he held up his small card, Bob had an infectious smile on his face when he said to the group, “One of the most important parts of my day is spent looking at this little card.”
He explained he put file cards with his goals in strategic places so he could easily glance at them from time to time during his day. As soon as one goal was fulfilled, he replaced it with a new one.

Get a number of 3" x 5" cards. Write your passions on each card like this:

My passion test
Date: _ / _ / _
I am so happy and thankful that I am now living my passions and drawing the following into my life:

  1. passion 1
  2. passion 2
  3. passion 3
  4. passion 4
  5. passion 5

This or something better!

“This or something better!” In our experience, the Universe almost always has a better plan in mind for us than what we can think up, as long as we’re open to receive it.

Every time you’re faced with a decision, choose in favor of your passions.

In order to choose in favor of your passions, you have to remember what they are, at the time you are making a decision. How do you do that? Repetition.
Put the 3" x 5" cards up where you will see them several times a day.
The purpose of posting these cards is to keep your attention easily on your passions.
What you need to do is read through your passions several times a day so they become deeply ingrained. So deeply ingrained that whenever you are faced with a decision you can ask yourself: Is this going to help me be more aligned with my passions or less aligned?

5 Creating Your Markers

[quote, Earl Nightingale]
We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy, on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.

“To be the most renowned Ayurvedic physician in the world, making Ayurveda available to people throughout the world.”
“How will you know when you are living this dream?”
“I will take the pulse of at least 100,000 people, Mother Theresa will come to my clinic and acknowledge my work, I will take the pulse of the Dalai Lama, and I will have Ayurvedic centers all over the world.”

Every single thing you can see which was created by man was an idea in someone’s mind at one time. If you want to create the life of your dreams, it begins by writing your dreams down and get- ting as clear as possible about them.
The power of intention and attention is what brings ideas into concrete form in the world. When you have intention and attention with no tension, then the whole process becomes fun.
Intention is the conscious or unconscious choice to create.
All of us are creating the circumstances and situations in our world constantly by virtue of the beliefs and concepts we hold as true.
For most people, their creations are unconscious and so they view themselves as the victims of their situations and circum- stances.
However, successful people know the secret—they create their reality from what they put their attention on.

Your results will ALWAYS match your true intentions.

Another way of saying this is that your life will always express what is going on deep inside you. Therefore, if your results are out of line with your stated intentions, it’s time to do some self-exam- ination.

Your results will ALWAYS match your true intentions.
This means if you want to know what is going on at the deepest level of your life, look to your results. When your results are out of line with your stated intentions, look more deeply to dis- cover your real intentions and then work on changing those to change the way you experience life.
When your actions are aligned with your intentions, then you will create your world out of those intentions.

Attention is subjective awareness directed to an object. All of us give attention to something in every waking moment of the day.
However, most people don’t pay much attention to what they are giving attention to. Their lives are an unconscious stream of thoughts. Life changes when the object of your attention becomes your conscious choice.

What are success habits?

“Indifference is the weapon to be used for any negative situation in life.”
This means, put your attention on all the good in your life, deal with situations which must be dealt with, and don’t dwell on anything which doesn’t support what you choose to create.

Unfortunately, most people put their attention on all the rea- sons their dreams won’t come true. Why? Because they’re afraid they won’t get what they want. If you think some people are just too lazy to pursue their dreams, you’ll find that this laziness is a mask for the fear of failure they hold deep inside.
When you are consumed by fear, when your attention is on the things which are going wrong in your life, then in the best case you create inactivity and boredom. In the worst case, you create the things you fear will happen to you.

Facing Fear—The Head-On Approach

When Tellman was about 27, he decided he wanted to create a multi-million dollar Internet marketing business.
One part of Tellman was scared to death, another part of him was completely exhilarated by the challenge.
In his first three months after launching, Tellman had built an email list of over 25,000 and had made over $200,000 in sales. After nine months he had topped $800,000 in sales.
This only happened because Tellman put his attention on what got him excited, not on what scared him.

Facing Fear—The Step by Step Approach

If you’re not like Tellman, and you find that fear immobilizes you, then take small steps toward your goal. Each small step achieved will build your confidence and reduce the fear, until you get to the point where you’re able to push through the last bit of fear and get on to the result.
“What is there about me that could make me successful in achieving my goals?”

No tension means exactly that. Creating intentions and putting your attention on them is a simple, easy, effortless process.
you are creating your world by where you put your attention
You don’t have to try. You do it naturally.

It’s a choice. Yet most people don’t choose. They unconsciously choose to allow their attention to go to the things they fear the most.

When you become conscious of where you’re putting your attention, it is no more difficult than being unconscious about it.
The difference is that now you are aware of what you are creating.

If you want to see how powerful you are, look at your life and what you’ve created, good or otherwise. It is your creation. Here’s the good news, if you’re not happy with what you’ve created, you
can begin creating consciously now.

Your passion list and all the other tools we’ll share with you
in the coming chapters are there to inspire you, excite you, and remind you of what’s truly important to you in your life. They are there to help you put your attention on the things that will bring more joy and fulfillment into your life.

Your Markers

he kept these Markers in mind (in his attention) while he built his Ayurvedic practice. He didn’t strain after them. He simply allowed them to show up in their own perfect timing (no tension).

Take a blank piece of paper and write one of your passions at the top of the paper. Then write out 3-5 Markers which will have happened when you are fully living your passion.
These are the things which will tell you that your passion is alive and well in your life.
Please don’t think about how your Markers will be achieved. Just write them out.

Passion: Being a multimillionaire.

  1. I earn at least one million dollars per year
  2. I have over ten million dollars in savings and investments
  3. I travel first class wherever I go
  4. I live in my dream home on the ocean with views of the mountains
  5. I own a brand-new Lexus sports car

Passion: Being in the moment and trusting my intuition.

  1. I am fully present with each person I meet and with whom I spend time
  2. I experience every day as perfect and the days seem to flow effortlessly
  3. I have a clear internal sense about what action is the best for me every moment
  4. Others remark on my confidence and how wonderful it is to be around me