I believe:

You can have everything in life
you want if you will just help enough
other people get what they want.

Man was designed for accomplishment
engineered for success
and endowed with the seeds of greatness

Why Revise See You at the Top?

Perhaps this is an unusual way to start a book, but this is an “unusual” book. It’s about you, your family, your future, and how you can get more out of all of them by giving more to each of them.

We believe that this is “the end,” or at least the beginning of the end, of negative thinking, negative action, and negative reaction; the end of defeatism and despondency; the end of settling for less than you deserve to have and are capable of obtaining; the end of being influenced by little people, with little minds thinking little thoughts about the trivia that is the stock and trade of Mr. and Mrs. Mediocrity. In short, for you, it is the end of the world’s most deadly disease—“Hardening of the Attitudes.”
You were born to win.


The word “different” will probably come into your mind every time you open the pages of See You at the Top. The dust jacket is different, and to start with “The End” is certainly different. The book is different in “feel,” “subject matter,” and “technique.”

I stress that you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

Over the years, I have given the speech “Biscuits, Fleas and Pump Handles,” the original title of this book, over 3,000 times. Initially, the material only covered a forty-five minute presentation. Through the years that forty-five-minute talk has expanded into this full length book, the “I CAN” course, which is being taught in schools and churches, and the “Born To Win” seminar, a three-day course I teach twice each year in Dallas, Texas.

I cover a lot of subjects in See You at the Top, but my major objective is to communicate my feelings on faith, love, optimism, and enthusiasm. This is important because in today’s world many people are confused about what real love and real faith are.

See You at the Top is a philosophy, but there is little theory involved. The ideas, procedures, and techniques come from a lifetime of living. It incorporates a lifetime of sales and people development experience, as well as personal involvement with many of the world’s top professionals from virtually every field of endeavor.

you’re learning from other people’s experiences—not other people’s theories.
it’s too frustrating, too time consuming, and far too expensive to learn everything from personal experience.

I say with candor and complete conviction that had this particular book been available when I started competing in the game of life, my progress would have been faster and my results better. Obviously, I believe you’ll be richer in many ways if you utilize this philosophy that I spent over 2,000 hours refining and committing to paper.

[quote, Ralph Waldo Emerson]
What lies behind us and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

You are the only one who can use your
ability. It is an awesome responsibility.

Segment One Stairway to the Top

I. To open your mind, stir your imagination, and make you think. To arouse your curiosity and create a healthy dissatisfaction with your status quo.
II. To identify the things you want in life and chart a course of action to get them.
III. To arouse the sleeping giant inside you.
IV. To assist you in recognizing and overcoming your loser’s limps.

Chapter 1 The “More” Way of Life


“Your name is still John Jones, you still weigh 188 pounds, but you just missed the 2:20 to Boston.”

this book is for those who have been missing much of the good life. It is designed to help you get the extras you deserve to have and are capable of getting.

Each word has been weighed, each thought has been evaluated, and each point carefully considered. I have made every effort to personalize it in a conversational manner so you will feel that you and I are in a private conference discussing you and your future. I hope you take this message of hope and optimism personally because that is the way it was written.

From the beginning I will plant a series of hope, success, happiness, faith, and enthusiasm seeds. I will “water” and “fertilize” these seeds and even add a few additional ones. By the end of the book the crop will be ready for harvesting to the degree, and in the amount, you have utilized or followed through on the message in this book.

I stress that this is a P.M.A. (positive mental attitude) book, but it is a great deal more than that. See You at the Top is a P.L.A. (Positive Life Attitude) book.

Since man is tridimensional (physical, mental, and spiritual), I deal with the complete person. This is the only way to have complete success, which I will define as we go along.


As you read, I would like for you to feel you and I are together and that I am personally talking with you and asking you questions.

I hope you are not concerned with how fast you can read and “get out” of the book, but how much the book can “get out” of you.

Your first reading probably will be the fastest, but subsequent readings will provide you with additional inspiration and information that will extend the immediate benefits to a richer way of life.

I’m going to urge you to get a “Trigger Page” notebook.

Keep the Trigger Page notebook with your copy of See You at the Top because as you read the book it will “trigger” many thoughts and ideas of your own.

When it does, let me urge you to stop reading, turn to a Trigger Page, and carefully record each thought or idea as it occurs. This will keep you involved as an active reader, utilize more of your senses, and enable you to concentrate more completely.

A poet stated it more succinctly when he wrote, “I hear and forget. I see and hear and I remember. However, when I see, hear and do, I understand and succeed.”

Interestingly enough, you will discover that when you read this book a second time, you will get more thoughts and more ideas than you did the first time. This is especially true if you read a few minutes every day before you start your day’s activities and just before you go to sleep.


Let me also urge you to underline and mark the portions of the book that are meaningful to you. These markings, combined with the thoughts and ideas you record, will personalize the book and make it “your” book. It will be so personalized that you will keep it and use it as a constant source of reference.


The foundation stones of honesty, character, faith, integrity, love, and loyalty are necessary for a balanced success that includes health, wealth, and happiness.

As you go onward and upward in life, you will discover that if you compromise any of these principles you will end up with only a beggar’s portion of what life has to offer.

The longer I live and the more successful people I meet, the more convinced I become that these foundation stones are the most critical success weapons we have in our arsenal.


the real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job;

success and happiness are not matters of chance but choice. You literally—as you shall see—choose what you want in life.

Now let’s make a list of the things you want to be, do, or have in the tomorrows of your life.

As a starter, you probably want more and better friends, more personal growth, better health, more money, more happiness, more security, more leisure time, opportunity for advancement, more peace of mind, more true love, the ability to be more competent and to contribute more to your fellow man.


you must take six specific steps to get them. It’s critical that you understand this because just as a baseball player will be “out” if he doesn’t touch all the bases, so will you be “out” if you skip any of the steps.

The boy who is introduced to a young lady and immediately tries to kiss her will lose any chance for serious consideration as a suitor.
The student who attempts to move directly from simple arithmetic to geometry will face a hopelessly impossible situation.
The salesman who introduces himself to the prospect and immediately starts trying to “write an order” will miss the sale and create ill will in the process.

The suitor, the student, and the salesman would all have skipped too many steps, or gradients, and would have failed. Each of them would have had infinitely better chances at success had they taken all the steps.

From where I stand, the elevator to the top is, has been, and always will be “out of order.” In order to get to the top, according to sales executive John Hammond, you’ll have to take the stairs—and you’ll have to take them one at a time.

As you start on your stairway to the top, your first step will be the development of a healthy self-image.
The second step is the recognition of the worth and ability of other people, as well as the necessity of effectively living and working with them.
The third step is a strong goal orientation. You need a plan to build a house. To build a life, it is even more important to have a plan or goal.
The fourth and fifth steps are that you must have the “right” mental attitude and be willing to work. the price of success is much lower than the price of failure.
The sixth step is that you must also have a burning desire to excel. You must have lots of “want to”—and, you must live in a free enterprise system so you can control your own destiny.

Fortunately, you already have every characteristic necessary for success. You have some character, faith, integrity, honesty, love, and loyalty. You like some things about yourself and your fellow man. You have some goals, some “right” mental attitudes, and, obviously, you do some work and have some desire.
Really, all you need to do is use what you have and give each characteristic a chance to grow, because the more you use what you have, the more you will have to use.

When I got the man right, the world was right.” Needless to say, when you get you right, your world will be right.

“There are two ways to climb an oak tree. You can climb it, or you can sit on an acorn and wait for it to grow.” This book was written to help you climb it.

Chapter 2 The Time Is Now


Directly in front of that big, beautiful automobile, there were two horses—pulling it.
Inside the car were a hundred horses—ready, willing, and raring to go, but the old Indian was using two horses on the outside.
Many people make the mistake of looking outside to find two horsepower when they should look inside where they have over a hundred.

“The biggest tragedy in America is not the great waste of natural resources, though this is tragic. The biggest tragedy is the waste of human resources.”

the average person goes to his grave with his music still in him.
So, unfortunately, the most beautiful melodies of all are the unplayed ones.

For a long time I thought the most tragic thing that could happen to man during his lifetime would be to discover an oil well or a gold mine on his property as he lay on his death bed. Now I know that it is infinitely worse to never discover the vastly greater wealth that lies within the individual.

“A dime and a $20 gold piece have the same value if they are corroding at the bottom of the ocean.”

Your value becomes real and marketable when you learn to reach within yourself and utilize the enormous potential that is there.

To help you more fully utilize your potential, I am writing this book. With it I hope to enable you to discover and utilize that gold mine or oil well inside you. Your “natural resources,” unlike the natural resources on planet Earth, will be wasted and “used up” only if they are never used at all.

So my purpose is to get more of your talent into action so you and others can enjoy what you have to offer. No doubt about your talent, you’ve got it in spades. And now you are going to start using it so that instead of being bright and broke (if you are broke) you will be bright—and prosperous.


“You are where you are because that’s exactly where you want to be.”
I bought that idea and even repeated it to others.
I followed his directions exactly and yet, one hour later, I was 45 miles farther from Meridian than I had been when he gave me the directions.
Obviously, I was not there because that’s where I wanted to be. I was there because somebody had given me the wrong directions.

I might say the same thing to you. If you’re broke, despondent, and down in the dumps, if you’re not getting along well with your family or in your career, I just cannot believe that these are the conditions and circumstances you really want.
There is a chance that maybe, just maybe, you’ve been given the wrong directions which have influenced you negatively and caused you to suffer from Garbage-Dump Thinking.

the chances are that over a period of time, people have been dumping “garbage” into your mind. What you must understand, however, is that it doesn’t really matter if garbage has been dumped into your mind in the past. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if others, through either malice or ignorance, have built low ceilings over you. You can overcome all of that “garbage,” so I’m going to say to you, “Happy Birthday,” because today is the first day of the rest of your life. The past is over and the fact you have read this far indicates you are now in the process of building a foundation for a greater future.

Warning! “Garbage” has probably been dumped into your mind for a long time. Realistically, we should understand that a person suffering from malnutrition cannot be restored to complete physical health by eating one well-balanced meal, regardless of how big or good it might be. So please understand that for the moment all we can do is cover that “garbage” with a thin veneer of positive thinking and right mental attitude. The chances are good that periodically some of that “garbage” will pop through the veneer and you will suffer again from “stinkin’ thinkin’.” However, keep reading because every chapter you absorb will bury the old garbage and since we live in a negative society, we will always have the problem of fresh garbage being dumped into our minds on a daily basis.


It is not problem conscious, it is solution conscious and its results have been tremendous.


To utilize the ability you have you must start by getting rid of any Loser’s Limp you might have. A typical Loser’s Limp is, “I’m not a born salesman,” or a born doctor, lawyer, artist, architect, engineer, etc.

I have never read where a woman has given birth to a salesman, or a doctor, lawyer, artist, engineer, etc. However, I do read where doctors, lawyers, salesmen, etc., die. Since they are not “born,” but they do “die,” obviously, somewhere between birth and death, by choice and by training, they become what they wish to become.

They point the index finger and say, “I’m not successful or happy because of my parents.” Some blame the teacher, the preacher, or the boss. Some blame everything from skin color and religious beliefs to lack of education and physical deficiencies. Some say they’re too old or too young, too fat or too slim, too tall or too short, or that they live in the wrong place.

Incredibly enough, some even say they were born the wrong month or under the wrong star.

Your success and your happiness start with you. The more involved you become in the message of this book, the happier you will be to know that you do control your future. Perhaps for the first time you will recognize your own enormous potential.


Surely, one of the saddest experiences in life is to hear someone say, “If I could only talk, run, jump, sing, dance, think, concentrate, etc., like him or her,”

you would not do a cotton-picking thing with someone else’s ability if you are not using the ability you already have. You’re kidding yourself, and that’s not even being honest. If you’re not careful you will become one of the “Prisoners of Hope” that we meet in Every City.

The truth of the matter is, you already have the ability necessary for success.
The story of life repeatedly assures you that if you will use what you have, you will be given more to use. Life also tells you that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.


often suffer from everything from polio to total blindness. They refused to accept a Loser’s Limp
Their stories are the most beautiful stories we can encounter. Without exception, these people believe that “man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

When you adopt this belief you will discover that there will be no need to blame anyone for any problem. In short, you will be on your way because you will have discovered that you can always find a capable helping hand at the end of your own sleeve.

In my work I often see people who don’t succeed, but I seldom see a person who can’t succeed.


“Son, if I say to you that the bird is alive, you will close your hands and crush him to death. If I say the bird is dead, you will open your hands and he will fly away. You see, Son, in your hands you hold the power of life and death.”

In your hands you hold the seeds of failure—or the potential for greatness. Your hands are capable but they must be used—and for the right things—to reap the rewards you are capable of attaining.


You probably read at the rate of 200 to 400 words per minute, but your mind functions at from 800 to 1800 words per minute.

For example, while reading this book you have already left me a dozen times on brief trips.
Incidentally, this is not an insult to your intelligence. As a matter of fact, in most cases the brighter you are the more likely this will happen.
As the author of this book, I have to hope you were not on one of these “trips” during this paragraph.

if you also record these thoughts and ideas in the Trigger Page notebook, you will truly be an “active” and not a “passive” reader. This will be helpful for review purposes. To re-read and review this information is extremely important.

people exposed to new material one time will remember only about 2% of it two weeks later. If they are exposed to the same material on six consecutive days, they will remember 62% of it two weeks later. But there’s something much more important than that. The more times you are exposed to the same information, the more likely you are to take action on it—and action by you is my objective.

As a matter of fact, action is the manifestation of learning. Just as “faith without works is dead,” learning without action isn’t learning.


Many times individuals will indicate with a nod of the head that they already know or have heard the information.
Unless and until you do something with what you have learned, you might as well not have learned it. The person who won’t read is no better off than the person who can’t read.
The person who knows but won’t use success principles and information is no better off than the person who doesn’t know them.

success is not a destination, it’s a journey, it’s the direction in which you are traveling.

Most people wait until everything is just right before they do anything. They refuse to go out on a limb where the fruit is. They refuse to bet on themselves.
Their epitaph could well read, “Born 1942, died 1974, buried 2010,”


Do you know someone who got cooked in the squat? Do you know someone who is “gonna do” something just as soon as the kids get out of school or the kids get back in school?
Perhaps they will do it as soon as “cold weather gets here” or “cold weather is over.” Other excuses range from “when Christmas arrives or Christmas is over, John fixes the car, paints the house, cuts the grass, etc.”
those who make a list of “external” changes that must be met before they take “internal” action will always end up getting “cooked in the squat.”

the people who wait until everything is “just right” before they do anything, will never do it.
Those who wait until all the lights are on green before starting will never leave home. They are the “half-a-minders” and the “gonna-doers,” which means they are “never-doers” and, as I say, they get cooked in the squat.

Since I encounter so many people who fit this position, and since I don’t want a reader of my book to “get cooked in the squat,” I utilize something that is extremely effective.
My business card is round. On one side is my name, address, and phone number. The other side has the word “TUIT” in large letters. Since the card is round and it is a Tuit, that makes it “a Round Tuit.”
When you get your “Round Tuit,” keep it with you at all times. And when someone asks you to do something you would normally promise to do as soon as you “get around to it,” you will be reminded that you already have your “Round Tuit,” so you can go ahead and do it.


I’m going to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the only way you can really be successful in all areas of your life is to be completely honest with yourself and your fellow man.

you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.


“Mister, if you released a black balloon, would it go up?” The balloon salesman looked at the little boy and with compassion, wisdom and understanding said, “Son, it’s what’s inside those balloons that makes them go up.”

With good eyes you can see to run or walk, work or play. The person who can see with his heart and his eyes can also reach out and touch the spirit within another human being and reveal the good that lies in him. Yes, the balloon salesman was “right.” I’m also “right” when I tell you that it’s what’s inside you that will make you go up.

let me urge you to fasten your seat belt, because you are on a trip to the top. It’s an exciting trip, with more suspense than an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, more action than a John Wayne western, more drama than a Shakespearean play, and more fun than a three-ring circus. It’s immersed in love, filled with laughter, and offers more true rewards than King Solomon’s Mines. In short, this book is actually the Owner’s Manual for your Future.