[quote, Zig Ziglar]
“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”


[quote, Michael J. Maher]
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[quote, Andy Andrews]
“Zig Ziglar is one of a kind. My life—and the lives of millions— is better in every way because of the influence and example of this incredible man!”

[quote, Dave Anderson]
If I could recommend only two books to help you become more, do more, and have more, the first would be the Bible; the second is Born to Win. This masterpiece makes it clear why Zig Ziglar has been the world’s great motivator for five decades.”

[quote, Andy T. Hansen]
“I have read over five hundred books on life, success, winning, sales, and personal development over the past twenty-one years, but Born to Win is the only book that will sit on my desk. I will read it every day, reading a few paragraphs as a daily refresher or entire chapters to enhance my skills. Born to Win is one of the ten books everyone should own and read. No wonder titans of world business, politics, and sports consider Zig Ziglar to be the single greatest influence in their lives— and I am no exception. Equally as important are the millions of people around the globe who have experienced the lifechanging wisdom of this living legend; a living legend that guided this former British solider from failure to success, from poverty to prosperity, and from insignificance to significance. The advice, content, and material in Born to Win are quite literally priceless; it is the culmination of a lifetime’s work. If you are ready to become the person you were born to be (a Ziglarpreneur), buy it, read it, reread it, and apply it. Do it today, as it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing!”

[quote, David Horsager]
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[quote, Seth Godin]
“Zig Ziglar is the real deal, a life changer, an authentic voice in a wilderness of hucksters. Zig is a light, a mentor, and a model for millions.”

[quote, Joe Takash]
“Born to Win is a tremendous testament to the importance of balanced success—something that is so easy to miss in life. Zig Ziglar not only addresses the importance of mental preparation and the behavior commitments necessary to accomplish your goals, he inspires you to want to be better as you read this, no matter how successful you already have been. This is a fantastic book.”

[quote, Dave Ramsey]
“I’ve been listening to Zig Ziglar’s teachings and reading his books since I was twelve years old. His influence and experience have permeated every business decision I’ve ever made, and I’m thrilled that Zig has poured all of his best insights into one book, Born to Win. This is absolutely a must-read for anyone in business or anyone who just wants a better life!”

[quote, Morris]
“Zig has saved the best for last. Born To Win is a must-have and a must-read for anyone who wants to win in the game of life. I highly recommend it!”

[quote, Adam, Alex, and Luke Carpenter]
“Zig’s books and tapes have been a part of our lives as long as we can remember. At ages ten and eleven, we attended our first Born to Win seminar. It was then that we learned how to set goals and work toward reaching those goals on a daily basis. All three of us set the goal in junior high to attend college on academic and athletic scholarships. Working our goals program on a regular basis helped us make good decisions on how to invest our time, energy, and efforts. Adam and Alex went to Abilene Christian University on full ride golf/academic scholarships and Luke joined us in the fall of 2010 with his own full ride golf/academic scholarship. Zig’s motivational talks constantly helped us stay focused on our big goals. A Born to Win attitude and developing strong relationships have helped us accomplish so many of our goals. If you practice what Zig talks about, you too will be able to achieve more than you ever imagined. Who would have dreamed that Alex, at age twenty, would play in his first PGA tour event? Adam has experienced success on and off the golf course, with numerous state and collegiate golf victories while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Finally, Luke, at age seventeen, won the Arkansas Overall State High School Championship and multiple other academic high school honors. Mr. Ziglar, we are proud and thankful for your input into our personal lives.”


Zig told me there are three things you simply can’t do: you can’t push a rope, you can’t put toothpaste back in a tube, and you can’t saw sawdust.

The first thing I had to learn was a willingness to let go of the past. Zig taught me that the key to success was centered in the pursuit of action-oriented goals, and I totally bought into Zig’s goal-setting philosophy.

His seven-step process is incredibly designed with pinpoint accuracy for you, the fortunate reader of this book. I slept with Zig’s Performance Planner under my pillow for three years, accomplished more than two hundred major goals, and accumulated substantial wealth as the result of taking his advice and implementing his principles.


Ziglar Pure and Simple

The concept that you have to plan to win and prepare to win before you can expect to win is simple, but simple doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy, and when you dig a little deeper, you understand just how profound it really is.

“Success the Easy Way in 5 Minutes or Less—GUARANTEED! Or Double Your Money Back.”
Yep, that pretty much sums up what almost every individual and company is looking for! The bad news is there are no “magic pill” solutions that allow you to achieve success “fast and easy.”
However, there are several success strategies that will allow you to achieve a higher level of success faster and more easily than you thought was possible— and that is what this book is about, to give you a road map for success in pure and simple language.
Don’t get me wrong, winning doesn’t come without work, but focusing on the proven steps and processes to winning will allow the journey to be faster and a ton more fun.

Two Words: Identity and Hope

how to achieve consistent and lasting success.

Why do people take action?
In a nutshell, Dad’s story goes like this: Born in the heart of the Depression, he was the tenth of twelve children. His dad died when he was five. Dad started working at age six, never did well in school, married when he was twenty. He started his sales career and failed miserably for several years. An executive at his company told him he could be a champion if only he believed in himself and went to work on a regular schedule. He had always been honest and worked hard, but with this new information he changed his attitude, and his sales career started to take off. Unfortunately, while he would achieve momentary success over the next twenty years, he was still chasing the worldly definition of success and looking for the “get rich quick” solution. Because of this, he found himself having to start over more than ten times during that twenty-year stretch.

Something very interesting happens when Dad tells his story. You start to see people’s heads nodding. If you could read their minds, this is what you would see: “Wow! I had no idea Zig struggled so much when he was coming up. His dad died when he was five. His mom had a fifth-grade education. He didn’t do well in school. When he started in sales, he was horrible.

“He made and lost money numerous times because of really bad decisions. Wow, if Zig did it, so can I.” Suddenly they identify with Dad, and hope is born.

Inspiration is powerful, and Dad may be the most inspirational person on the planet, but inspiration only lasts so long. Hope is much different. When you have the hope that things can change and a plan to make that change possible, then you can take action. When Dad tells his story, it literally flips the hope switch in people because they identify with him—“If he can, I can.” Now, all of a sudden when Dad suggests that people try something, they do it—not because they like Dad, or because he inspired them or made them laugh, but because “if he can, I can.”

Next time you get discouraged and caught up in your circumstances, just remember what Dad says: “You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to what happens to you.” If he can, YOU can.

A Phrase: Will, Skill, and Refill

“What are the keys to constantly improving my personal or my company’s level of success?” As Dad says, “You build a better company by building better people,”


this is the “want to.” This is the heart, the desire, the attitude, the passion that people have.


this is the “how to.” This is the skill, the process, the technical expertise that people have.


this is reinforcing the Will and Skill. There is no such thing as “one and done” training and development. Will and Skill must be developed and reinforced daily. Take the Will away from any person and you will have at best someone who is just taking up space, and at worst someone who is a real drain on their company and their family. Without Skill, no matter what you do, you will create an endless cycle of frustration. Without Refill it is impossible to maintain the difference-making levels of Will and Skill you need to achieve the level of success you desire.

Be Weird!

“normal” people are broke, so be weird.
“I have had problems when I have had money, and I have had problems when I haven’t had money, and I have discovered that if you are going to have problems, it’s better if you have money!”

Here is the reality: “normal” people are not successful in the truest sense of the word. “Normal” people do not practice Will, Skill, and Refill. I am encouraging you to BE WEIRD. Choosing to be successful starts with choosing to do what successful people do. Successful people practice Will, Skill, and Refill on a daily basis.

“You are who you are and what you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change who you are and what you are by changing what goes into your mind.”

Here is how you do it. On a daily basis, even if it is only for five or ten minutes a day, Refill your mind with material that helps you build your Will, or your Skill, or both. You can read or listen to great material. This book is a great place to start, and as you are reading this very sentence you are practicing Will, Skill, and Refill. Dad’s favorite example of Will, Skill, and Refill is Automobile University. When you are driving, pop in a powerful CD that builds you up.

The same is true for success. You are either moving closer to success, or further from it.

[quote, Zig Ziglar]
“Encouragement is the fuel on which hope runs.”