[quote, T. Harv Eker]
The Passion Test" provides the simplest, clearest way to get started on knowing what you want - by getting clear on who you are.

[quote, Jack Canfield]
The Passion Test" has given me incredible insight into what was missing in my life, where I was not 100% spot on in pursuing my passions. It's simple, it's easy, and it's profound. Out of it came the creation of an organization I'd been putting off for six years and a fuller expression of my love and my commitment to my family. I think there's nothing more important than that.

[quote, Bill Harris]
Quite frankly I was blown away. The Passion Test is a very direct, practical roadmap on how to become prosperous, how to take what it is you love, and make it into a very, very substantial, and very fulfilling income

[quote, Mark Victor Hansen]
Passion is the key to your destiny. Discover your Passion by taking the best of all tests.

[quote, Jay Abraham]
The Passion Test" is very provocative and very revealing, and it's unlike anything anyone has ever exposed to me. It challenged me in a very revealing way

[quote, Marci Shimoff]
Simple, clear, powerful. "The Passion Test" is a remarkable tool for getting the clarity you need to begin living your dreams.

[quote, Pankaj Naram]
The clearer your passions - the surer are your chances of realizing them.

[quote, Wiliam Barclay]
There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.


I’ve often said, “The number-one reason people don’t get what they want is—they don’t know what they want.”

Without a clear direction you are either paralyzed or running around in circles. Worse, you can never reach your full potential, because you dare not fully commit.

Each of us is unique. Each of us has something special to offer the world. Each of us has our own natural gifts and talents. To be truly happy we must use our uniqueness to add value to the lives of others.


What does it mean to live a passionate life? Exciting, fulfill- ing, thrilling, on fire, purposeful, turned on, motivated, entertain- ing, easy, fun, unstoppable. It’s a life aligned with destiny.

We all know we’d like to feel our life is purposeful. We all want to be passionate about what we’re doing, to be excited about how we spend our days, to love our life and to feel we’re making some valuable contribution.

Yet how do you discover what it is that is your real passion? That’s what this book is about.

Intention—Attention—No Tension

We recommend you make it your mantra. It’s the essence of what’s required to create anything you want in your life.

Intention – Consciously stating what you choose to create in your life is the first step to manifesting it.

Attention – Your life becomes like that on which you put your attention. Give attention to that which you choose to create in your life and it will begin to show up.

No Tension – When you are open to what is appearing in this moment, you allow God’s will to move through you. When you hold tightly to your concepts of how things should be, you shut off the flow of life, which in turn prevents you from enjoying the fulfillment of living your personal destiny.

Who Are We?

Janet created The Passion Test when she was in her thirties. She followed her dreams, got sidetracked, got back to pursuing her dreams, then got sidetracked again, a number of times.

Chris went through the same kind of thing. It’s not unusual for most of us to get excited and passionate, and then feel we have to “be responsible” or we have a concept of what will make us happy (like “getting married”) and so we get off track for a while.

Some people stay off track their whole lives. In the hope we can help you get on track, or confirm the track you’re on, we have written this book.

Doing the Inner Work

Most people don’t want to step out of their busy world to take the necessary time to do their “inner homework.” Most people are afraid if they stop “doing” then they won’t be able to earn a living, take care of their family, pay the mortgage, etc.

Any great teacher will tell you that your results are not created on the gross surface “thinking” or “doing” level of life but from going deep within and tapping into that unbounded reservoir of creativity and intelligence within each of us.

Take an active part in the process as you read, and you will find your personal des- tiny unfolding effortlessly and irresistibly before you.

What Is Personal Destiny— Do You Have One?

You have unique gifts which no one but you can give.

When you are playing that role, you are living your personal destiny. When you are aligned with your destiny, your life is joyful, delightful, exciting and fulfilling.

Your passions are the loves of your life. They are the things
which are most deeply important to you. These are the things which, when you’re doing them or talking about them, light you up.

Passion and love are inextricably intertwined because they both arise from the heart. When you follow your passions, you will love your life.

Your passions are not your destiny; they are the clues or keys to your personal destiny. The more passionate your life, the more closely your life is aligned with your destiny.

Destiny is a life’s journey. Passions change and morph over time as one comes to know and understand oneself more deeply. As you follow your passions, you will find yourself drawn irresistibly onward until one day, you wake up and find you are living a passionate life, filled with a sense of destiny.
And it begins by getting clear about your top passions, which you’ll do before you finish reading this book.


1. The Beginning of the Beginning!

[verse, Joseph Campbell]
When you follow your bliss…
doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors;
and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.

Why are you reading this book?
You must have a deep feeling inside somewhere that you have a personal destiny which is more or different than what you are living right now.
Or maybe you just want a happier, more fulfilling life.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you know exactly what it feels like to work for weeks, months, or years doing everything you can to get yourself out of the 9 to 5, just getting by, living from paycheck to paycheck life.

Maybe you’ve attended seminars, or watched TV programs on making money in real estate, or in stocks, or in your own business. Maybe you’ve tried to make extra money in multi-level marketing, or selling things on eBay, or getting a part time job.

We’ve been there too. We’ve discovered those feelings come up when you are not aligned with your personal destiny. And it can all change in a moment, as it did for Janet.

The Light Goes On

I used to lie in bed at night waiting for everyone in my family to go to sleep.
I would then quietly sneak outside and enter my imaginary world. This was my favorite time of day.
It was here that I revealed my deepest desires.

I’ve always been gifted with the ability to connect heart to heart with others in almost no time. In the working world that has served me well.

One day I happened to see a flyer for a motivational course called “Yes to Success.” A strange awareness came over me. I knew I had to take that seminar. I had no hesitation about calling in sick.
The course leader for the seminar was a young woman named Debra Poneman, whose key point was the importance of “finding your pas- sion.”
As I watched Debra teach the class, excitedly discussing ideas like time management and goal setting, I was less interested in what she was say- ing than in who she was being.
She was clearly living her passion—and it showed in her every word and gesture. Debra definitely appeared to be a truly happy person. There she was, the “ideal woman,” uplifting everyone not only with her profound understanding, but also with the love she radiated.
Debra taught us when we saw a person who had something we wanted, we needed to move beyond envy or resentment. Instead, we should just tell ourselves, “That’s for me!”
I was just think- ing today that you should either hire me or move over, because I am going to be the most successful transformational speaker on the planet.”
One thought burned in my mind: How could I convince Debra to hire me?
Finally I came up with a plan I knew would impress her. At the end of her course, Debra passed out her schedule of appearances for the com- ing months, which included New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Fairfield, Iowa; and Los Angeles.
Somehow, I decided, I would get enough money, fly to every one of those places, and sit in the front row of each and every class. Whenever Debra walked into the room, she would see me sitting there and know I meant business—especially after the third or fourth course. The only thing I needed was enough money for all the expenses involved in fol- lowing Debra around.
I followed my plan, going from city to city to each of Debra’s seminars. Finally, in Los Angeles, at the last seminar on her schedule, she came up to me and said, “OK, if I can’t get rid of you, then I better make use of you. You’re hired!”
Needless to say, this was a thrilling moment. I was on my way to my dream. However, as I sat through Debra’s seminars, time after time, something much more important happened: the birth of The Passion Test.

2. The Passion Test is Born

[verse, Og Mandino]
I am here for a purpose and that purpose
is to grow into a mountain,
not to shrink to a grain of sand.
Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all
and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.

You’ll see that it’s not the “how” which is important for you to know, it’s the “what.”
Helping you get clear on the “what” of the passions in your own life is what this book is all about.

one of these super-successful, powerful people had one thing in common.
“Can any of you guess what that one thing was?” she asked.
“The survey found that these powerful, successful people had totally fulfilled those things which they each felt were most necessary for their ideal life.”
Debra continued talking about the importance of knowing what it is you want to be, do, and have; how goal setting is important, then you too could become powerful and successful.
If those super-successful people were already fulfilling their deepest aspirations, the path to assuring one’s own success was obvious. “Clearly what one has to do is determine one’s own most important aspirations,” I thought.

When she got home, Janet sat down and made a list of fifteen of the things she would love to do, be or have in her life.

  1. I am a brilliant, successful transformational speaker uplifting humanity all over the world
  2. I travel the world first class
  3. I am treated like a queen wherever I go
  4. I give and receive love in every part of my life 5. I work with an enlightened team

and the list went on…
She then sorted out her top five. The simple and unique process she used to sort them out is what is now known as The Passion Test.

To our amazement as we have shared The Passion Test with thousands of people all over the world, we have found this simple process is life transforming.

why is it so important to do what you love?

The whole purpose of life is to enjoy. When you are not enjoying you are out of the flow of life. You are missing your purpose.

Think about all the greatest people on the planet, past and present. Every one of them, without exception, loved what they did or are now doing. Every single one of them. Their lives may not have been easy, they certainly faced challenges, and yet, they LOVED what they were doing.

A system provides order, saves time, requires less energy and costs less. It is an organized, established procedure which produces results, no matter who is using the system.

An easy way to remember the value of a system is the acronym Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen coined for system in their book, The One Minute Millionaire. S-Y-S-T-E-M=Save Yourself Time Energy and Money.

The Passion Test is a system which will help you discover your mission in life. What is your purpose? What is your destiny? What is that work which feels like play no matter how many hours you put into it?

It will give you an easy, fun way to prioritize the things which truly mean the most to you. It will help you eliminate the things which are distractions right now.

The Passion Test requires you to face your inner life, and bring it out to the surface so you can examine it to clarify what is really most important to you.

The Passion Test is the magical key that will unlock those forgotten dreams which wait patiently in your heart for the day when you are finally ready to say, “I am here to make a difference and the time is Now!”