Reading this book, you will have what you need to be, do, or have anything you want. However, you'll need to believe without the shadow of a doubt, that is possible.

12 crazy goals: time for a change

Working in a hospital, where good news financially meant bad news for families's health.
I knew I had to get out of this business.

  1. I am happy
    Truly experience the gratitude.

  2. I have no consumer debt
    I had credits at that time. That was huge.
    $ 150k I felt hopeless
    For this visualization, I would imagine opening the mailbox, which would be empty, and how good it would be.

  3. I am a very successful real estate investor and self-made millionaire
    I would see myself shaking hands with the buyer, and picking up a check for the profits.

  4. I am fit and active
    At the time, I had already completed three ironman triathlon.
    My goal was to maintain my fitness in the future

  5. We have new vehicles debt-free
    In this visualization I would feel how good it is not to have credit payments

  6. We have disposable money to have real vacations
    We were broke at the time, and the only vacation we had was staying at home in Florida.
    I would see us going on a ski trip to Colorado. I would see my wife saying how much fun she's having. And I would have a feeling of gratitude that she was happy.

  7. I am able to give a lot of money to help others in need
    I knew I wanted to be a philanthropist.
    I had a magic feeling when a mother hugged me out of gratitude for giving her a washing machine.
    I visualized giving the key and cutting the ribbon for families in need of a house. I can feel again this feeling from the hug. I can see people clapping in joy for the family.
    When I would do this visualization, I would always end up with tears of joy.

  8. I leave near to the beach, and I have a beautiful home
    I would feel the gratitude to be living near the beach.

  9. I own a large real estate portfolio
    To reinforce my goal number 3.

  10. I am trusted by investors, and have the ability to raise large sums of money
    I had only 2 investors at the time.
    I visualized it as it was absolutely true.

  11. I have great relation with my wife.
    I would feel gratitude.

  12. I have a great spiritual relationship with God.
    I would feel gratitude for everything in my life that are under way.

What happened over the following three years of writing out these goals, is nothing short of a miracle.

Here is how it all played out on the Universe playground:
I got a notice in the mail, saying that my real estate sales license was coming up for renewal, and that I needed to take a class if I wanted to keep the license.
I started the class, with my license I could start my own brokerage company.
I decided that I would give 10% of our growth commission from each sale to charity.
In 2003, my wife and I were driving to the restaurant, on the way, I stopped at an ATM to get $20 out. As we drove, we started throwing around names for the new charity based brokerage. We finally settled on Benefactor reality.

After lunch, we walked around. A man came up to us and asked if we could spare any money. He needed $8 so that we could sleep at the shelter and get a meal and a shower.
I gave two dollars, and I apologize for not having more, but he thanked us gracefully.
As we walked away, I remembered that I had $20 from the ATM and that it was in my back pocket. I turned around, and went back to the man, and saw that another Good Samaritan was giving him a $5 bill. I gave him the $20, and advice about self-help and psaum from the Bible. As we walked away, I felt the same thrill from Mary's hug, and saw this as a test to see if I was serious about Benefactor Reality.
Then I got opportunities to sell three house and get more money in 3 days than in 6 months. My friend mysteriously called me to say "The money is there", I left my job, I paid all my debts, had the car I visualized in my goals, went to ski in Colorado.