PART 1: Calm Your Mind

Clear Your Mind Through Deep Breathing

You’ll instead be able to “watch” your thoughts as they arise.

the reason we don’t have more peace in our lives is because we don’t create space for peace — we crowd it out, externally and internally.

Clear Your Mind Through Observation

consciously observing your thoughts and emotions. If you feel angry or sad about something, think objectively about that emotion… and its associated words, images, and feelings. This kind of introspection should be kept free and light.

One way to clear your mind is to become aware of your surroundings: for 5 minutes, listen to the subtle sounds around you

Imagine Positive Changes

Imagery meditation uses your imagination to make positive changes in your thinking. The purpose of imagery meditation is to imagine yourself in a different place (the beach, Paris, etc.) or different circumstances to effect instant relaxation.

Visualize the Changes You Want

Focus on each of your senses and explore the place you’ve created or remembered in your mind.
Stay here as long as you like, but for at least 5 minutes. Then, slowly, let the images fade away and open your eyes.