I said to her: How did you get here ? This is a tough business, you make big money, you didn't graduate from high school, what happened ?
She said, Years ago, one day I asked for my husband 10 $, and he said "What for?".
By the end of that day I had promised myself that I would never ever ask for money again.

I started searching for opportunities, found it, starting taking some classes, learned the skills, it totally changed my life.

There is a day, seemingly like any other, where everything changes. It's the day when you make the decision once and for all, to walk a new road toward the goals that until that faithful day, have only been misty dreams. You're suddenly thrilled with the rest to do whatever it takes to finally live the life you have always known you were capable of living.
It's the day when you're filled with the awareness that the time is precious, and each day that passes by unnoticed is like releasing a helium balloon into the sky, soon it will be a distant memory ever to be seen again.
It's the day you decide to cease those precious moments and make everyone of them count.
It's the day that turns your life around.

There's nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.
There's nothing so powerful as an idea the comes at the right time.
I hope today is one of those "right time" for many in my audience.

Lying to a girl selling cookies 2$, instead of saying I don't have the 2$, I have plenty of cookies in my home already. The girl left, and I promised to myself "Never again".
Recognizing I was not in a good position. I must start making my search.

After climbing 40 steps, "I will never be out of my breath anymore.

That day, when he thought back of what he really could have done if he haven't sort of stumbled around, and went through this fog all those years, how his life would be?
And he said from that day on, he never touched another drink of alcohol.
Then he died after 5 years, but his wife said: that last 5 years were the greatest of her marriage.

That inner voice that says: I'm on the wrong track here.