Jim Rohn's view of the 21 century:

Now what you've got to have in the 21 century:

Advance your power of learning, to get busy on taping the resources of your own capacity.
It's all there, it just need to be provoked, stimulated, challenged, taught, tutored, trained, and you to be willing to put yourself through the processes.

Success is something you attract by the person you become.
Once I understood that, I knew what to work on.
I used to on my boss. Work on yourself ! I never heard of that language before.
And this kind of language I wish to pay fair price for what paying will make of me.
Being able to pay is far more valuable than paying and getting something.
Getting something is the minor value.
Becoming something is the major value.
Once I understood that, my life exploded into change.

Those refinement of philosophy has so much to do with how your days go, with your ability to take up the challenge. So much to do with refining your own thinking, your procedures, developing your discipline.
Become more valuable each day. Twice as valuable this year than last year. Three times as valuable next year. You can go on a quest of personal development, and acting on your own self-interest.
It is colossal information. I'm so glad it came my way, because I did operate in the dark for a long time. Until some of this stuff became clear.

Start a new process of learning, sign up for a class and commit yourself to a new degree. Commit yourself to a new skill. All you've got to do is take your first class, and you can say "I'm on a new track. I will be multi-talented. I will be multi-skilled."

Dedicate to develop yourself in your own self-interest so that you can bless others.
To help you I must be strong.
To get you out of the debt, I must get out of the debt.
I got to find some ways to strengthen myself. Once I become strong I can reach back now and give you a helping hand, and help you to change.
And having the dignity of learning step by step to deserve it.

Here's what we teach in leadership: Learn to work with people who deserve it, not the people who need it.
But here is the responsibility of leadership: Showing people how to deserve it.
One of the place to start is with your family. Show your kids how to deserve your time, to deserve your attention, how to deserve the money.
Kid say "I need 20$". "That's not how we talk in this house". Oh yes I forgot "Tell me some ways I can earn 20$".
All you got to do is deserve it, not need it.
Plenty of money for those who deserve.
Plenty of return for those who qualifies.
Plenty of incomes in the marketplace for those in a growing way who develop themselves become more valuable this year than last year.
You don't need to wait for a raise. Raise yourself. Raise your standards. Raise your commitments. Raise your discipline level. You don't have to worry about a raise. Succeed is attracted to those who are constantly on a growing scale.

As humans, We all have the ability to aspire.