00. Intro from the DVD

Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out.

Combine your knowledge.
None of us is smarter than all of us.

Welcome greatness…
It lives all around you.

Choose to:
Think the best about others.
Believe the best about others.

Be enthusiastic !

Put people up,
Not down.

Develop the ability
To find the ability
In others.
It’s priceless !

Help others…
… be liked.
… be right.
… be comfortable.
… be winners.

Get your ego
out of the way.

Replace the word "I"
With the word "We".

Inspire someone…
…to be the best they can be.

Be an exception,
Not an exemption.

Think like a person of action,
Act like a person of thought.

Commit yourself
To something
Bigger than yourself.

Act as if what you do
Makes a difference.
It does!

Go for it!

Start an epidemic…
…of enthusiasm.

Throw your heart over the bar,
And your body will follow.

Don’t waste time
Waiting for inspiration.
And inspiration will find you.

Be on a mission.

Never let weeds
Grow under
Your dreams.

Never mistake
Knowledge for

Never chase a lie.

Never laugh
at anyone’s

Never make excuses.

What you want more of.

Make promises sparingly.
Keep them faithfully.

Develop a tolerance for failure.

Have not limits

Keep your promises

Never kill an idea.

Pursue character
Before prosperity.

Be loyal.

Ask, "What if?"

Give so much time
To the improvement
Of yourself…
…that you don’t have time
To criticize others.

Create an atmosphere
Of forgiveness.

Make your word your bond.

Don’t belittle,

Learn to say NO!
To the good…
…so you can say YES!
To the great.

Be unpopular when necessary.

Be ashamed
Of what you

Never let up
When you
Are ahead.

Don’t blow your own horn…
…or you might miss the music.

Let others lead small lives,
But not you.
Let others argue over small things,
But not you.
Let others cry over small hurts,
But not you.
Let others leave their future
In someone else’s hands,
But not you.

You’re alive…
…live it that way!

01. Chris Widener Intro

Ideas are what becomes the seeds of our lives.

You'll get thousands of ideas during this seminar

02. Jim Rohn Intro

Maybe it's true what they say when the student is ready.
When someone says: I've had it, This is it, I don't want to live like this anymore, then you begin a new search.

If you start the search, the odds are excellent you'll find good ideas.
If you search, you will find.
Finding is reserved for those that search.
Ideas are not reserved for those that hope, that wish, who complain

03. Girl Scout Story

If you go continuously and systematically, some of them will be routine, some of them may be ordinary, and once in a while some may be extraordinary.

No one person has all the answers. No one person has all the ideas.
We need to gather ideas from a variety of voices, and from a variety of experiences, from social, to personal, to political, to the management of time, the conservation of resources, business, entrepreneur, career, all of that. Being a good parent, a good mother, a good father, a good friend, a business colleague: You've got to have a whole variety of ideas.

04. Design an Extraordinary Life

Here's a little phrase that I'd like to have you memorize, and if you memorize it I am sure it will follow you for the rest of your life.
"From testimonials and personal experience, we have enough information to conclude that it's possible to design and to live an extraordinary life."

Here's the first essence of life: self-preservation.
To produce enough to take care of yourself.
The instructions to the couple in the garden of Eden:

How productive should one be ?
To produce enough to survive, to take care of yourself.
My father had an interesting saying: "Son, right after me, you come first."
Bob: "I'll take care of me for you, will you please take care of you for me ?"

05. Creating Abundance

It's a very limited life to only take care of oneself. We wouldn't call it flourishing, we wouldn't call it abundant.

To live the higher life.
A life of togetherness.
Fist for your life,
Then for your children.
To produce enough for himself and for his family.
You could live one yourself, but you couldn't live this more extraordinary life, without taking on the responsibility of having a partner, having children.

Then again, to produce more than you need for yourself and your family.
Why do more than for yourself, your spouse and family ? To live a more extraordinary life.

So the person can be a person of benevolence, so he can give, and he can share.
That's the more abundant, that's the more extraordinary life.

Example let's assume you earn 10 million a year. You could cover your family expanses with 3 million and give the 7 million to others.

Andrew Carnegie said: "I'm going to spend the first half of my life earning money. I'm going to spend the last half of my life giving it all away."