Some people have this incredible zest for life, and an appetite for living well, and doing well. While other seem to take the ho ah attitude, let is slide, hopefully it will work out anyway.

It is exciting to watch people who are inspired.
The key to it all, is self-motivation

That's what life is all about,
Accepting the challenge,
Driving the roots deep, becoming as strong as possible,
Accepting everything that comes, and making it into what you wish to make it,
Attempting you best,
Trying your hardest,
Thinking well, Reading well, Living well,
Struggling with it all,
That's what makes life worthwhile, that's where the value is,
The struggle for high ideals, to make something unique out of your life.


One of the greatest experiences any of us can have is the experience of influence, to persuade somebody that we've got a good idea, to buy a product or consider a service.
Influence is one of the greatest life's experiences.

The chance to influence somebody else. Their thinking, their future, maybe their lives.
We all have in some respects the chance and the opportunity to influence somebody else.
The key is to develop the skills to do it.

In this lecture: gathering the skills to help influence people.
The skills of leadership.

Hope you'll find in this program:

  1. Sincerity.
    To accomplish something, we have to start with sincerity.
    Sincerity is not a test of truth. (It is possible to be sincerely wrong)

  2. Ideas + Inspiration
    "Everything you need is within reach."
    Ideas for your business is within reading reach, pithing listening reach.
    The key is, who's gonna reach ?
    "If you search, you'll find"
    We don't find what we need, we find what we search for.
    Needing is not a pre-requisite to getting value.
    You can't be a needer, you need to be a searcher.
    There nothing has powerful as an idea whose time has come

Just a few daily discipline makes a great deal of difference in one year.

Are you reading the books that will take you where you want to go in the next 5 years ?

Desillusion is hoping without acting,
Wishing without doing.

Where am I ? What can I do to make the changes to make sure that I can take some more daily steps toward the treasures I want, the mental treasure, the personal treasure, the spiritual treasure, the financial treasure.
I don't wanna make any errors. Now is the time to adjust my daily program to take me where I want to go.

In lecturing for the last 16 years, I've got some letters, some personal testimonies, of people that have done such remarkable things with just a few suggestions.
It is worth taking the time.

Take a little time out.

  1. Inspiration

  2. Guidelines for translating response into results

To get the most from this series:

  1. Be thankful
    To get more, we need to be thankful for what we already have.
    Here's what blocks the flow of all good information: cynicism.
    It's not difficult to be cynical about circumstances, place, opportunities, people
    But if we turn that around: the cynicism into thanksgiving, now the ideas can flow.
    Informations can flow, refinement of ideas can flow.

  2. Be eager to learn
    Whatever you know, there's always some more.
    There's nothing like a powerful discussion to refine an idea.
    We want ideas to pass the test of the tough questions.
    The key is to stimulate the mind.
    Refinement of intellect is where the future fortune lies.

  3. Be a good listener.

The five major pieces of the life's puzzle

If we all need some help, here's probably where it's gonna gall, in one of these 5 pieces.

1. Philosophy.

Philosophy is what you know.
What you don't know will hurt you.
Ignorance is not bless.
It's so important to have the correct philosophy, it's so important to know.
Philosophy sets the course of your life.
It is the major piece in the 5 major pieces of the life puzzle.

When you start engaging in those extra skills (refined philosophy), you won't ever want to go back. This new intellectual discovery is where the wealth is, the happiness is, the good life, influence, power.

Who am I ? What are they doing to me ? What have they got me becoming ?
Influence play a major role. How we thing, how we speak. The formulation of ideas.
Ideas are simply informations taking forms.

What we know, we put it in our mental scale, and we weigh it.
We evaluate what's important or not.
Perception. Trying to find value in something.
Where is the value ? How valuable is it ? How important is it ? Is there something here that I can't see at first glance ? Is there something below the surface ? Is there something in the inner working of it ? What goes behind it ? What goes beyond it ? What is its origin ?

Perception of value, Informations, ideas, evaluating informations.
Now here's what important to have a good set of mental scales.
What if in processing informations your mental scales were off ?
And you weight everything a little wrong ?
Do you think that would affect your life ?
All you need to be is a little "off" for 10 years, and you can imagine what the difference is.
Life accumulates.

We must all suffer one of two pains:
The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.
And I'm suggesting mental discipline to refine ideas.
Of course it's laborious, and of course it's a push, but it's small price to pay so you won't have the regret later on.
Regrets weight tons.
Discipline weight onces.
If you accept the early onces of discipline of thought, to refine ideas, and not just let major questions go by (What about my life, my value, my place, my future, what about life, origin, destiny, opportunity, possibility…)
All of those major questions, to let them go casually by, is to miss the treasures that your life could accumulate into for the coming years.

This is what we call major: what we ponder, and what we think about, set the course of our life. It's like the set of a sail that is taking us somewhere.

Where are my thoughts taking me ?
You might be casual about something, but here is something not to be casual about.

My philosophy is taking me somewhere, where ? The accumulation of equity will either be there or not be there. Life accumulates.
I'm either accumulating debts that I will be sorry for, or I'm accumulating value that I'll be happy about.