Over the years I have repeatedly encouraged people in search of the good life to make use of a journal.

The purpose of these tapes then is, not only to explore the incredible value of recording your life experiences, but also, to examine the endless uses and methods of keeping a journal.

Because it is your book, you must ensure it fits best your style and size, to suit your needs and personal preferences.
Like a comfortable armchair, a journal must be comfortable enough that you want to go to it often.

One of the key to success is flexibility.
We must always be on the search for more effective methods to facilitate and accommodate new ideas.

Why do I pay as much as I do for an empty book ?
My answer was simple: "I intend to put something valuable in it."
You wouldn't store precious gems in an empty cigar box; so why put a million dollar idea in a 10 cents book ?

If you can't take it anywhere, it will be soon gathering dust instead of thoughts, cobwebs instead of observations.