The Master would laugh at those of his disciples who deliberated endlessly before making up their mind.

The way he put it was: "People who deliberate fully before they take a step will spend their lives on one leg."


After the Master attained Enlightenment, he took to living simply - because he found simple living to his taste.

He laughed at his disciples when they took to simple living in imitation of him.
"Of what use is it to copy my behavior" he would say "without my motivation. Or to adopt my motivation without the vision that produced it?"

They understood him better when he said "Does a goat become a rabbi because he grows a beard?"


To a disciple who was always seeking answers from him the Master said:
"You have within yourself the answer to every question you propose - if you only knew how to look for it."

And another day he said "In the land of the spirit, you cannot walk by the light of someone else's lamp. You want to borrow mine. I'd rather teach you how to make your own."


"If you make me your authority" said the Master to a starry-eyed disciple,
"You harm yourself because you refuse to see things for yourself."

And after a pause he added gently:
"You harm me too, because you refuse to see me as I am."


To a visitor who described himself as a seeker after Truth the Master said:
"If what you seek is Truth, there is one thing you must have above all alse."
"I know. An overwhelming passion for it."
"No. An unremitting readiness to admit you may be wrong."


An easygoing disciple complained that he had never experienced the Silence that the Master frequently commended.
Said the Master "Silence only comes to active people."


All questions at the public meeting that day were about life beyond the grave.
The Master only laughed and did not give a single answer.
To his disciple, who demanded to know the reason for his evasiveness, he later said:
"Have you observed that it is precisely those who do not know what to do with this life who want another that will last forever?"
"But is there life after death or is there not?" persisted a disciple.
"Is there life before death? That is the question!" said the Master enigmatically.


The Master was always teaching that guilt is an evil emotion to be avoided like the devil - all guilt.
"But are we not to hate our sins?" a disciple said one day.
"When you are guilty, it is not your sins you hate but yourself."


The disciples would frequently be absorbed in questions of right and wrong. Sometimes the answer would be evident enough. Sometimes it was elusive.
The Master, if he happened to be present at such discussions, would take no part in them.

Once he was confronted with this question:
"Is it right to kill someone who seeks to kill me? Or is it wrong?"
He said "How should I know?"
The shocked disciples answered "Then how would we tell right from wrong?"
The Master said "While alive, be dead to yourself, be totally dead.
Then act as you will, and your action will be right."


"What is the greatest enemy of Enlightenment?"
"And where does fear come from?"
"And what is delusion?"
"To think that the flowers around you are poisonous snakes."
"How shall I attain enlightenment?"
"Open your eyes and see."
"That there isn't a single snake around."

Remote control

To a shy disciple who wanted to become self-confident the Master said:
"You look for certainty in the eyes of others and you think that is self-confidence."
"Shall I give no weight to the opinion of others, then?"
"On the contrary. Weigh everything they say, but do not be controlled by it."
"How does one break the control?"
"How does one break a delusion?"